Saturday, 7 June 2008

A house full of Ultra Runners, now for a good time Sunday

A little bit of training during the week, one long 35K run on Wednesday and then a couple of shorter runs with my first house guest, Lachlan Lewis (CR Doc Lach), giving him an idea of the course. Today the house will be a little like a hotel, with Richard McCormick (CR RMC), and my "twin" (born the same year and day 44 years and 1 day ago) Paul Every, arriving late afternoon and then three others coming in on 8PM flights from Melbourne and Sydney. Very thankful we have one hire car as otherwise i couldn't get everyone to the start in my little Subaru.
After a couple of lovely, clear warm days (lovely swimming weather) the weather had deteriorated with strong winds and some rain forecast, so far only cloudy today and just hope it stays that way.
Feeling very fit and still have a possible PB in sight, but i do question whether this is really the course to do it on, i may know every inch of it but that being the case i also no what will slow me down. Still nothing like an Australian Championship in your own back yard !!!

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