Sunday, 31 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 18: I finally get to see the speed of Rene first hand & have my fastest day slipping me up to 15th in overall (final) rankings

With a relatively good 17th day was given the option of a 6 or 7AM start (with the slowest half leaving at 5). Gladly took 6 as the first 9k being uphill would have guaranteed tailed off last early in the elites. Knew i could jump 2 places if i could beat the injured (blisters) Shu Lin by an hour (easy to judge as a consequence of the injuries she was starting at 5) and Chen by 32 minutes. As expected i dropped back early but once over the Col St Colombe ran with purpose passing the early starters. At 32k my moment of ego crushing came as Rene flew past but i needed to keep my mind on the job as Chen (& Hans) were just in front. At the 35k aid changed into singlet & headband & passed them through the vineyards in the process spotting Shu Lin. Once on the canal followed Jacky & Robert almost to Narbonne. Happily followed local (7 time finisher) Daniel through the city & then it was the 16k sprint. Finished 2nd over the line in 6:51 my fastest day
averaging 10.44KPH. Ultimately was 9th once late starters came.

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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 17: It's got to the point i could pre-write this blog!. Rene sets stage record (5:43) while i start rubbish (uphill) & come home like a train for 14th in 7:25. Tomorrow the end with hot weather forecast might be a quick post as

A long stage (70K) but finally a glimpse of the Mediterranean and a
forecast for 33 degrees. With an uphill start & 3 cols of around 1000M
early i was soon "running" with unfamiliar faces as simply the usual
suspects could run hills whilst i couldnt. By 15k it was off with the
gloves & sleeves & at 40K it was singlet & headband time thankfully as
we now got some good flat & downhill stretches. In total i passed 11(i
was that far back!) & life was as usual when i passed the Swedish arny
team with 8 to go.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 16: Rene sets another record to win in 4:17 whilst im 14th in 5:25:24 (but i must be big somewhere with a 2006 picture of me in "Mid Libre" newspaper article !). Another massive improvement on 2006 where i walked 9 hours, can't

Forecast for 32 was a good way to start race but predominantly uphill start wasnt as i slipped off the lead groups rapidly. Once we got into it was in familiar midfield position. 35K aid station and off with gloves, sleeves, tri top & bandana for the first time Striders singlet & red headband. Ran more like a runner taking Jacky and both Taiwanese before the next aid leaving me in a familiar position following the Swedish army team who were having a good day. Picked them up 5k to go and frustratingly home with heaps left. Above picture is tonights hall, the smallest we have, with a toilet block (public toilets) around the corner, not quite 5 star luxury but frankly all we need is somewhere to lay our heads by this time !!!

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 15: A little faster start but still only 12th in 5:41 an hour behind Rene. A better start as first 15ks are virtually flat, but once heading uphill am flat as though lacking the usual lung capacity (the cough is all that remains

Looked like another warm day once the fog lifted. Ideal running
conditions first 15k but next 8 very busy roads as we headed towards
big city of Rodez, thankful for bikepath into actual town. Once
through lovely downhills followed by along river. After 3rd aid was
overtaken on uphill by both Taiwanese runners (1st time i'd been
overtaken in the last half in any stage?), probably just what i needed
as most of last 16k is basically downhill so ran hard to repass & then
to run down Sebastian with 7k to go.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 14: Need i say more Rene sets yet another record (this course was used in 2001 & 2002) of 5:34:45, whilst i frustrate myself further 15th in 7:23:48 if only i could run my first half like my last half!. If the phone let me write

With continuing left little toe problems(the empty blister looking
"interesting" after 2 days bandaged), decided i'd try the BW Injinji
toe socks & go bandage free. After a cereal breakfast(thankful for
SPAR in Jussac) was hopeful, 1st 8k to Aurillac all up & down so
appreciated once we run through the big city. By 10k off with thermal
top & from 20K to 44 followed Jacky once we hit the downhill stretch
finally found another gear & swooped past him & Chen. By the river 15k
of ideal conditions got me past 3

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 8: New course for me as we run 58k to Jussac as normal Aurillac hall unavailable. Rene runs 4:50:50 to further increase overall whilst i have a patchy day finishing 16th in 6:20:45 improving to 17th overall. One of those days wh

Have to admit i mustnt have the roadbook too thoroughly last night as
didnt realise till out there that we reached our highest point Col De
Legal (1231M) & in theory our coldest day, so otherwise would have
worn more than bike top & moeben sleeves. Interesting experience had a
herd a herd of cows running with us(other side of fence) & soon had to
work through another lot on the way to milking. Beautiful scenery
(although worried at one point that rain had set in), but very patchy
performance i cant explain.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 12: I exorcise some 2006 demons to finish 12th in 8:05 while Rene continues his rampage in 6:43. Again i prove i can handle "cold & crisp" as opposed to "cold & wet/miserable". Cold has almost gone & only injury a heavily bliste

Didnt really know whether i was looking forward to today or not, in
2006 it was my "endless day of hell" as i took 10:50 to cart my fever
ridden body through the 75k. This time had a great sleep & was
comfortable in a cold & crisp 6degrees with thermal top & reflective
vest over my usual gear. Started off fast as i knew id walk much of
the last uphill 12k, being 7th at the first aid. Was passed by a few
but knew id catch some (ultimately 2 in last half). Beautiful scenery
as we went down to Dordogne River.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 11: short update just hope i have the energy to post tomorrow after long stage with early start! Just sent now after running 8:05 for the long day as unable to maintain 3g connection day 12 to follow after shower & food (2:30 he

Short update as keep losing 3G connection. 12th in 4:49:58 as Rene
sets another course record (3:43). Short day through beautiful scenery
suited me fine, possibly set out a little fast wanted to finish in the
morning, cool & foggy early meant i took 40k to warm hands but
sporadic sun was lovely. As usual a rousing welcome from the locals,
was probably averaging 12KPH when running but backed off a bit &
walked uphills at times as the body seemed unused to that speed after
the last 10 days.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 10: Leader does record 5:04 while i have one of those days for 7:25 & 21st place. Best i can say is this day is over now, as for the cold up to the cough stage should be over soon (really dont want another sleep like last night,

I spoke too soon about the sun, during the night (after a balmy
evening) we had a downpour. Rapid change of gear with coat & bike
shorts & my dirty New Balances (best chance id had to get rid of Grand
Canyon dirt). Basically my unfavorite conditions, wet & cold meaning
unable to produce enough heat to both keep warm & run so a long,
miserable walk was awaiting me. Rain stopped a few times (more often
got heavier). Finally felt my gloved fingers 55k & at last showed fire
passing Jacky with a k to go.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008 Day 9: 13th in 7:05 race leader wins in 5:43, finally 2 days of sun. Over half way to Gruissan now & in a helluva lot better shape than same time 2006, only downside being a sore throat (unfortunately a similarity to that time) after

Woke up this morning with a sore throat (1 of a few apparently) so
decided this was to be an easy day. Took off casually but found the
very runnable road meant i didnt drop too far back. Was surprised to
find many familiar runners dropping back towards me. Ultimately passed
10 during the ensuing 50K which meant i ran faster than i planned
(tend to just grind along behind looking for the best place for a nice
clinical overtaking with room for a bit of demoralising acceleration -
i never claimed to be nice).

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008 day 8: Finally consistent 11th in 6:17:55 runaway leader does 5:08:28

The first 26k to Chatellerault gave ideal running conditions but
really took off too fast. Perfect to 40 when i passed Fabrice but
found i was lacking extra gear chasing down Hans. At 50 removed gloves
& sleeves & was looking to blast past Robert & Eric but by 55 was dead
flat so eased back to last aid (58k). Revitalised took off, ultimately
taking Eric in last k. Satisfactory day but should have run wiser.
Back to running shorts tomorrow as chafing is good & find bike shorts
only good for up to 50ks.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008 day 7: Finally a half decent run, 9th in 5:46:24 but still 64 mins behind winner!

Looks like last nights massage focussing on the piriformis did the
trick (may not of helped customerwise as i continually swore in pain).
Decided to stick with top & sleeves but chafing necessitated bike
shorts & was back to Asics. Early questioned change as stony tracks
made it hard on my feet. Quiet roads through vineyards made ideal
running. No pain meant i could run harder than expected but wondered
how long it would last. Last aid @ 52k i was 16th but 4k trail meant i
could see my targets & pick off.

Trans Gaule day 6: firstly i promised a real report just my luck the internet cafe is on holidays this week (Friday next chance): Rene wins again in 4:16:12 (record) i stagger in again 18th in 5:40:20

Last night i had the feeling that the state i was in i would either be
my usual self these next 2 short days or crash out a mangled mess. The
positive was i was capable of running most of the 53Ks the negative
was that every time i tried to go up a gear the sciatic nerve stopped
me dead. Ultimately run down English Steven (a 2:43 marathoner finally
enjoying a shorter distance) with 6k to go & for me adrenaline of the
chase is best painkiller. Sleeves instead of coat today but humid as
always verge of rain.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008 day 5: As race leader sets record time for 70.4KM stage i stagger along 21st place in 8:20:21 but it couldve been so much worse. Tomorrow real internet if place still exists & a better report!

After a massage last night felt as though back was runnable but knew
it was a case of how long till yesterdays horrors revisited me. 10K
was the total (better than i hoped) but it was looking like a long
walk. Was passed by English Karl & that fired me a little ended up
having long run & chat, by 25k id caught up with Swiss Christian & ran
together for 20ks (he speaks good English. I then had to back off (so
slow i ran out of water). At 55k took off coat, bandanna & gloves &
finally got going passing both.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Trans Gaule Day 4: Winner does 5:23:43 to consolidate overall lead whilst i spend last half leaning left when sciatic nerve pain kicks in! Finally 20th in 7:45:48 (and drops me to 19th overall), i guess what doesnt kill you makes stronger so im still

After a massage, good feed & great sleep on the biggest gym mat i
could find things were looking up this morning but i still wanted to
ease back. Changed to the New Balance 901s as they are wider & managed
to rub callus on inside of left foot. Cool & same all day removing
coat @ 40K & replacing with moeben sleeves & keeping gloves & bandana
on all day. My moment of anguish came 35k, road camber was just too
much & suddenly familiar sciatic pain. Ended up following the Swedish
army team eventually overtaking

Saturday, 16 August 2008

TG2008 day 3 winner does 6:19 and i break my pledge to not do sprint finishes all for the sake of 14th place paying for it as i type but massage will hopefully fix tonight

Finally a forecast for sun (&10000 motorbikes at our finish because of
a public holiday). Same gear as yesterday but thankfully lost the coat
& bandanna @ 30Ks. Just can't start fast as left knee takes hour to
warm up frustating but at least ultimately unstiffens. At cp3 was
passed by 2nd woman Ria who'd taken a wrong turn finally fired me up &
ran her down. Needed that chase as once hit 18k trail passed 3 & had
my targets on Fabrice (passed last 2ks) & Hans who i passed in last
100m to finish in 7:52:50.

Friday, 15 August 2008

TG2008 day 2 winners run 5:28:27 even with extra K. Me slowly getting into it as i fight niggles & weather and then find my favourite internet cafe(at pub) no longer exists in Pontivy!

Started a bit sore (ITB?) in knee probably due to bad road camber
yesterday so took it gently first hour. Morning dry but decided the
goretex jacket was the way to go(again bandanna, gloves & handheld).
Was thankful i wasnt fast as lead group missed turnoff & did extra k.
Pretty much around the same runners as yesterday but Hans & Fabrice
beat me off in the early cold. Removed jacket @ 26K & gloves @ 48 From
then on conditions improved & finished well in sun, neck %50 better &
massage again. 17th in 6:58:24

Thursday, 14 August 2008

TG2008 day 1 reasonably happy something to build on but someone stop the rain

Spasmodic rain sums today up best, with a late start it was a final
sleep in with breakfast at 6 this year i was prepared bringing my own
muesli. Knowing we had mayoral presentation pre race put goretex
jacket as well as bandanna to stay warm. Finally we were off for the
untimed 6k to St Pol Leon for the 2nd start. Off with jacket & on with
Moeben sleeves comfortable pace but troubled by neck so carried
bottle. At points regretted no jacket as had some heavy cold downpours
14th in 6:31:41 First 5:19:48

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The rain in France falls mainly where i am!

This entry is typed from a bus shelter outside Roscoff as i wait for pouring rain to end. Enjoyed my couple of days in Paris and this time got to Sacre Couer which gives an incredible view of the city. No matter what impression i give in the blog i really like this city but the foreign language, the fickle weather and the fact that smoking appears to be the national pastime means i will always only ever be a tourist here never feeling quite at home(ie i could easily be a Californian but never a Parisian). Anyway enough of my musings, seeing that most of the race part of this blog will be via phone ill hqve to learn to be short and to the point.
Reached Roscoff yesterday and it was bit of a homecoming with many familiar faces, Race Organiser JB, and from Deutschlandlauf the English speaking group of Hiroko and Trond as well as some other runners well known to me. Anyway tomorrow at 8:30 the race begins, weather forecast is not great (14 to 15) and rain so im probably going to go out easy particularly still with lingering neck problems. Certainly a very good field this year with various TG and DL winners so i know i cant afford to take it too easy too long but also know there is no point going to hard early and then falling to pieces (part of me really wishes id spent one extra day in Hermosa Beach for one more treatment on my neck however considering my strange sleep patterns since arriving im really thankful i made it when i did).
If i remember correctly will only have real internet access 4 days of the race so will be relying on short posts from phone (assuming G coverage).

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Gidday from Paris

Well finally i made it here. After having Lufthansa ring me on the 6th and tell me their strike was still on so that i was being put on a US airways flight i had to ask whether that meant i could then get a US airways flight a day or two earlier. Ultimately it meant i got an 11AM flight on the 8th via Philadelphia, an incredible relief as this meant i would hit France on the 9th and get a good chance to get rid of jetlag prerace.
One last gig here with Shari and the Rhythm Addicts as support for 40 Points a band containing two of country music legend Willie Nelsons sons down at The Brixton on Redondo Pier (basically one beach down from Hermosa).
Possibly not the most organised night early on, firstly with the video screen outside advertising "Shair Puorto" (i'm sure their video editor must work for "Typo's R Us") and then an 8:30 start being knocked back to 9, with the first support act Megan Moreaux now doing a very short (4 song by memory) performance, not really long enough for me to get into her music but at least long enough to get some feeling for it.
Ultimately a shortened 45 or so minute set for Shari and the band, starting with some of her original songs such as "When i met you" and one of my favourites "Outta My Mind" (i know a title that sounds way too much like the average description of me :-) ), and finishing with various blues standards including "Shaky Ground", with the set cut short and time for only one of the 3 remaining songs an awesome rendition of "Hurts so Bad" completed their night.
As usual Shari was great with her usual bubbly energy and incredibly versatile vocal ability and stage presence, and the band were right on their game as well with Michael seemingly a graduate of the "Keith Moon school of drumming", Jake as powerful as ever on lead guitar (and proving that you don't need to play over the back of the head etc in the style of Jimi Hendrix to be good) and David definitely so far removed from the Bill Wyman style (ie just look bored and a bit above it all) of bass guitarist with a style of his own. Was great to catch up with them all just one last time this trip ended, certainly i know i'll see Shari again but considering my recent back problems the question should be asked whether i'll be part time roadie as well next time!!!.
Wasn't sure what to expect from 40 Points (, but they actually gave a real interesting and lively (and good) performance, Lukas Nelson on guitar and lead vocals, Micah Nelson on drums and then one other drummer (multi percussion actually having various other instruments i couldnt name) as well as a bass guitarist. I couldnt honestly name the songs but still these boys were good and had great rhythm, Lukas doing all the guitar tricks playing over back of head and by mouth etc and just having a ball out there.
Strangely by 11 it was all over, (pretty sure in downtown LA the gigs wouldnt even have started then, let alone finished), and was home by midnight probably a fitting end to the US leg of my trip.
I'd been told by US Airways to be at LAX 3.5 TO 4 hours early which seemed way over the top but still i did want to head to France asap so took no risks, only 1.25 for the bus to LAX from HB even cheaper than Palmie to Coolangatta! and spent most of the journey talking to a postal worker who recognised the Badwater cap and knew of the race. All the predictions of endless queues were far removed from the truth and by 9 i was sitting at the terminal with a two hour wait.
Most positive thing i can say about US airways is that they got me where i wanted to be, they seemed like a US Jetstar, 5 Dollars (no dollar sign on French keyboards need to get used to that !!!) for headphones, 2 for water, coffee or soft drinks, 7 for alcohol and 7 for lunch, so of course i didnt buy anything!!! on the trip to Philadelphia. With time differences arrived in Philly around dusk, so cant say i saw much of the city flying in and essentially only had time to go fron one end of the airport to the other to get the flight to Frankfurt.
At least dinner was complimentary, as was water, soft drinks and coffee im assuming because it was an international flight, however still booze was 7 dollars, so much for my standard method of sleeping on night time long haul flights (3 little - 170 ml - bottles of wine), meant i watched (But not paying for headphones didnt listen) The Bucket List (even without sound was a good film) and then dozed fitfully (with my bandanna over my head balaclava style did keep on thinking crew would kick me out for being a terrorist suspect !!!) all the way to Frankfurt.
Four hour wait for the next flight and finally arrived at CDG Paris at 2PM, thankfully no luggage issues this time and was soon on the metro and feeling quite at home. Had booked a cheap room for Saturday night as the place i had Sunday was full and found it easily (it may have been 2 years since id been here, but it felt like yesterday it was all very familiar ), well all i wanted was a bed and thats what i got, a room similar size to my walk in robe at home with a single bed and a toilet (shower downstairs 5€ ), slept till 9 almost straight away then wandered out for a feed, actually managed to find a little bar id gone to last time with a guitarist and a cheapish feed. Thought i may as well find my next hotel and i did, never dawned on me it was a block from the Moulin Rouge, dont think it will be a peaceful night tonight as this are is the home of every "Cabaret" and sex shop known to mankind (I had flashbacks to the tackiness of Las Vegas !).
Didnt get back till 1 and then had to call down reception, straight to bed and slept like a log till 10:30 typical Paris (The Melbourne of Europe weatherwise) its raining, thats why im in an internet cafe doing this long blog entry enroute to the next hotel. Once i check in i can go off and enjoy the city.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Back on track ???

Returned my hire car yesterday, at the incredibly expensive rate for an extra 4 days was much cheaper to get another one or maybe just go carless ??. Decided it was probably a good day to make it to downtown LA so walked from the AVIS lot at LAX to Hawthorne Boulevarde (yeah i know i'm becoming too local actually have a fair idea of where everything is, except when i'm on a freeway !!) and caught the bus to Union Station. Have to admit at $1.25 per journey (or $5 for an all day pass), it's not bad value certainly some of the various Aussie metro transit systems could learn a thing or two !!. Quite a long trip (45 minutes) and then bit of a walk around, firstly into the Mexican District, then Chinatown, then the Historic Old District Theatre district, and over Bunker Hill to the financial district.
Anyone knowing me knows i'm way more into natural beauty and wilderness experiences than buildings but still found some interesting places, but really once is enough for me. Went down Wilshire Boulevarde and found some more historic buildings that were of more known to me and ultimately made my way all the way to La Brea Ave (home of the famous tar pits), knowing that this actually became Hawthorne later decided i'd do a bit of training and walk home (or at least till dark, wasn't quite convinced of the "savouriness" of some of the neighbourhoods after dark).
First thing i discovered was the tar pits must have been further north? towards Hollywood !!, still at least i had footpaths, well that was until Baldwin Hills !, by now it was peak hour and walking on the road facing traffic whilst i went over hills was interesting to say the least (shades of Deutschlandlauf B Roads facing massive double semi trailers !). Finally made it to the summit and i could see LAX still far ahead, but at least now footpaths. Eventually made it to Inglewood (near Hollywood Park) where my journey had begun and had an idea i was still 10 Miles away, by then really couldn't resist walking the rest (lots of car yards and strip clubs probably not the tourist route :-) ), ultimately made it to Rosencrans Ave knew it all pretty easily from there although really not sure of actual distance covered (6 hour walk home as well as 3 hours in Downtown LA), surely good training for being on my feet for hours in France.
Found myself a nearby chiropractor today and things are looking up.

Update: 1:30PM, just had Lufthansa contact me and now i've got a US Airways flight at 11AM on the 9th instead of 4:25PM, truly part of me really just wants to get out of this city and make it to France !!
Update: 7th August: 1:30PM
I've now got a flight tomorrow morning on US Airways (they are taking many of the Lufthansa passengers), at least now i'll be in France on the 10th, so now i can go off tonight and enjoy some live music and then an early start tomorrow with an 11AM flight.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A race report - no not "The" race report

As per my last post, i ended up running 90 minutes of the course (well actually not on the course trails) with race director Ken Gregorivich (who i had met at Western States ealier) and his black Belgian Shepherd "Bud", enjoying great views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Had a great run on the trails but not starting until nearly Midday found it could be pretty warm out there. At least it gave me the confidence i could run. Throughout the afternoon various aid stations dropped by to pick up things needed for the next days race (about a double garage worth - certainly saw racing from the other side).
Woke at 5 and had my usual lazy preparation (other than bread and jam instead of Vita Brits - i'll need to get used to that for Trans Gaule), still a little stiff in the neck but otherwise raring to go.
Went to the start at Lake Chabot where the start/finish line was ocupying a picnic area and got my number, then the age old question - what to wear ??. Still pretty cool but i decided put my Sydney Striders Singlet on (may as well look like a foreigner) and spent much time tossing up whether i'd also take my gloves and "Moeben" Sleeves. Eventually decided to go minimal as after all i was already carrying one extra thing i normally wouldn't (the mandatory water bottle). Very cool early on and with fog drifting in i was struggling to get warm so took it very easily. Probably did the first 10 miles without looking at my water bottle only cursing it) but finally the fog lifted and a beautiful day awaited. From then on there was probably more downhill than uphill and i was beginning to get into it.
As far as i can work out no one passed me the last half and i passed many so ultimately a good way to finish. 18th in 4:49:39, far behind the winner in 3:44 but still with other 100 runners behind me. I'm sure some part of me was already calculating how much i could take off next year (assuming a Badwater start and similar length stay).
After was essentially like any Aussie Ultra, a barbie and heaps of food and good conversation with other runners, a really good day. Also caught up with Carol La Plant (almost an Aussie with Glasshouse 100 and C2K finishes), who was also running and her husband Phil who was doing a great job as cook on the barbie.
Have spent the day driving back to LA, only wish i still had the flight to Paris tommorrow, i guess the only upside of the 4 day delay being that on Thursday i'll get to see Shari and The Rhythm Addicts ( perform one last time before heading off.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Necks Please

Drove to Castro Valley (near Oakland) yesterday, one problem about an hour in i simply turned my neck and it didn't want to turn back. Essentially spent the remaining 300 miles with a bent neck and in pain, not exactly ideal. I do have a history of neck problems (Pre Trans Gaule 2006, Pre a couple of Glasshouse races and a few other times over the years), and if back home i'd simply go to the chiro and he'd take about 2 minutes to fix me, unfortunately i don't have that option here and anti inflammatories and self massage of the upper back is my only course of action. A little worried about what it means regarding France but i still have over week before it happens so i think i'll let time heal. I get the feeling that the stress of the last couple of days had taken it's toll and my muscles were simply tense however knowing my body like i do can't see it me affecting me in the long run. Off for a slow run on part of the course now.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

One little problem

Have had an interesting couple of days, in short (and believe me i don't want to go into this saga too deeply), my flight from LA to Paris on August 5th is now a flight on August 9th. This definitely is not ideal from the Trans Gaule point i view (i now reach Roscoff on the 11th only a day and a half before the race). This definitely threw me somewhat and have spent a great deal of time rejigging stuff to work around it, the idea is i'm on holidays i shouldn't be stressed out well after that change i definitely was. Probably not overly brightly (mmm this is me remember so can't guarantee straight thinking all the time), ended up deciding to taste the "Alberstons" Home brand Rum ($5.99 with my Albertsons Card for 750 ML of 80Proof Rum, an irresistible temptation for a stressed out rum loving bloke like me), well i admit it's not exactly in the league of Bundy but not actually that bad a drop and great value dollar for dollar. So today at least i've got the stress out of the system and am feeling somewhat more content (i should have an interesting phone bill - i was feeling a little homesick after the flight change dramas combined with rum - apologies for any ramblings as far as i can recall it was pretty much the unedited version of this blog !!!).
Anyway it's up north to San Francisco today, for the Skyline 50K on Sunday will be good to get one more run under my belt before France.