Monday, 31 March 2008

Three Peaks - the story (Run 1)

Having now been back home a few days (and having finally run an Ultra of which i am satisfield this year - but that'll be another post !!), i suppose it's worthwhile to do a decent more illuminating post about The Three Peaks Race (and an attempt to back up its claim as "The Ultimate Endurance Challenge").
Arrived in Launceston on the Wednesday (not actually because i needed to be there that early but simply forgetting the date of the Thursday when booking, i'm really not used to races starting on a Friday).
After a delayed flight from Coolangatta to Tullamarine still had 2 hours to kill before the flight to Launceston so was happy to graze on a cappucino and Hot Cross Bun whilst reading the paper there and waiting.
Another delayed flight (this time Jetstar) meant i arrived at Launceston at 2:30 but intelligently? i'd put on the watch with Queensland time when i'd gone through customs (no idea why we need to go through the metal detector after all we are still in Australia or is Tassie really an overseas trip after all ????).
On seeing that the next shuttle bus to town wasn't for another 2 hours (in reality 1 as i was looking at the wrong watch !), decided i may as well pick up my pack and walk the 14K's and enjoy the sunny day (as opposed to the miserable, stormy, wet day when i left the coast meaning that i caught the bus rather than had a walk to Coolangatta Airport).
Not as quiet a road as i'd assumed (more like a freeway with a 110 KM speed limit), but still it was good to be on foot and having never seen Launceston in daylight not a bad stroll.
Bit of a saga catching hold of my run partner Clarence as i'd originally thought i was walking to where our yacht was moored but it was only when hitting town that i realised Beauty Point was another 45K's away (sometimes it would pay to look at a map).
Ultimately found my way to his place (when told he'd be driving a white Hilux Ute i didn't realise half the town appeared to be driving one) and by then happy to put my 20 Kilos of gear off my back.
Next morning discussed a few nearby tracks and borrowed a map and headed off for a run around Cataract Gorge (after all it was Thursday still a working day) and ended up running three hours on some very picturesque scenery as well as getting a feel for the rough local tracks.
After that bought my box of waterproof matches and emergency bag so now had all the gear required. With dinner at the Dalrymple Yacht Club and official opening of the event we all went down (myself, Clarence, his wife Vanessa and friend Fay) with the idea of me taking my gear to the boat and having a night on the yacht.
Unfortunately only finger food so by the time all the official stuff was over was still starving, so it was off to the pub next door with the crew (in total we would have a crew of 9 and now our yacht "Magic Miles" would race under the name "Nude Wines" our race sponsor) and some pasta (and more importantly Richmond beating Carlton on the Big Screen TV).
Absolutely blown away by the size of the yacht, full kitchen, washing machine, dryer, plasma tv with cable TV and big lounge, reckon i've lived in smaller houses.
Also gave us all a chance to taste the sponsors product (after all wouldn't be running for another 30 hours at least).
Great nights sleeping with the gentle rocking of the boat in dock being very relaxing and up in time for bit of run the next morning.
All the official stuff at 10 (and an inordinate amount of speeches and rules) meant i didn't get a chance to do the 10:30 5K Fun run but still there was heaps of running ahead of us.
At 2PM we were off, a spectacular start with 28 yachts making there way out of a rather crowded Tamar River, tourist boats everywhere.
Not a strong breeze so we had a fair idea we wouldn't be making fast time and that was pretty much the case all the way to Lady Barron on Flinders Island, arriving at 2PM the next day (we may not have been moving fast but it was lovely sitting above just enjoying the cruising).
Was content in knowing we would get up in Mt Strezlecki in daylight (in 2005 we'd arrived 12 hours earlier and the first 2/3 were in dark) and knew it was better to run clockwise, getting the rough coastal track out of the way first and coming back via the road.
We were the 3rd last boat to arrive so at least we had plenty of runners to chase although we didn't see any for the first hour (the fastest group coming towards us which included my 2005 running partner Mark Padgett) but gradually we started picking up a few teams (and were very thankful for a drink from the land based crew from PRD Tamar Real Estate). Made it to the actual mountain climb in good time but a rough steep track was always never going to be easy, not even in daylight, so i was essentially huffing and puffing behind trail specialist Clarence (occasionally getting a great view of the sea when taking a break). Finally the top and then back down, was glad to realise we had actually made more ground on the teams we had passed (so i wasn't quite as slow as i thought) and also a chance to catch up with Vlastik Skavril (who i'd run with in the 2002 Simpson Desert Challenge and hadn't seen since running with for half a day in his charity run from Tassie to Cape York in 2006) who was on another boat.
Was glad to get back onto roads and after 5K's or so was back to running steadily and enjoying the extra distance as dusk was arriving. From then on Clarence and i hit a good solid pace, easing back a bit as we knew that there was still alot of hard running ahead. We'd set out to do 7 Hours (my 2005 time was 7:15) and were very content with an easy 7:06:53 enough to be 4th fastest though not in the same league as the first team with 5:56:42.
Heaps of beautiful hot food on arrival (and a cold beer for me) as well as a hot shower, frankly could life be better ???.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A quick update

Finished Three Peaks at 7:25AM this morning, so at the time of this post (1PM) very tired and possibly not overly sober (and more worryingly the official post race drinks tonight !!), so a quick update (my Coolrunning report):

What a great race, despite proving that these old ultra runners size 13 feet really aren't suited to running trails in the dark, we made it in by 7:30 AM (some people would say that's a bit early for beer and Captain Morgan Rum evidently i'm not one of them so don't expect any more posts today).
In short, Flinders Island (Mt Strezlecki) was a great run to do in daylight (having done most in the dark before), struggled about in the actual ascent of the peak but give me 20 odd K's of road back to the boat and i was in my element, eventually finished in 7:05 (at around 8PM ??).
Long trip with unhelpful winds to Freycinet, unfortunately meant we go there at dusk on Sunday and frankly i struggled in the cold, dark conditions (with an absolute b*tch of a track to the summit), ended up with 6:40 ??, reckon night cost us an hour but still not happy with my performance and very happy that my partner, Clarence Blake, was pure mountain goat on those steep, narrow, rocky trails.
Absolutely brilliant nights sleep at least as we did 20 nautical miles in 12 hours !!, did at least give us a chance to enjoy the dolphins and seals playing around (possibly worried my running partner when sitting on deck having pizza and beer after getting up at midday).
Finally arrived in Hobart at 4AM and possibly the worst visibility i have ever seen on the summit of Wellington, fog and rain meant i had the headlight focussed on my feet (as that was all i could see) but eventually did a relatively easy 3:05.
No idea of full results and may struggle to remember them by the time tonights do is over.
I can't thank Drew Murray (noted for being captain for Steve Irwin's "Croc One") and his crew on (for this race renamed "Nude Wines" - our sponsor) enough for the great experience we all had (and Toni must be the best ship's cook ever - great food and all whenever it was needed) and as for Clarence i'll forever be in his debt as he organised everything and really showed just how to run trails in the dark.
All the latest here:

Monday, 17 March 2008

Better go out and attack some hills

After yesterdays long, but boringly flat run i thought i'd better do a decent hill run today if i got a chance (after all next weekends Three Peaks is all about running three mountains !), so basically the above is my pre-dinner run ! (dinner cooks as i type, think i've earned the right to a beer to wash it down as well).
Not sure of the actual heights reached but would struggle to hit 200 metres however anyone who has ever been up Guineas Creek Road from the Pines Shopping Centre would only agree the trip to Simpsons Road is straight up and then Simpsons Road itself consists of rolling ups and downs. Obviously has a few problems with this route (i've tried to put in variations on this a number of times and this is the first time that gets it vaguely correct), even to the point that it shows Simpsons Road going though (definitely doesn't but always worth going to the end as it's a very steep downhill meaning a very steep, short uphill specially made for busting a gut). Probably one of the few routes where i especially look out for a couple of dead end streets, Evergreen Dve has great rolling hills as does the dead end end of Westminster Boulevard (the other end has a bush track that doesn't map well but ultimately makes it to Eddie Kornhauser Park giving me then a run back along roads (defintely better in the fading light).
For a change i did set the stopwatch before i left home and was happy to find a smidge over 5 minute K's (2:08 which considering the first half is essentially only hills shows i still came home with plenty of strength).
With any luck i'll be able to do a similar run (or shorter variation with the first 12K's) tomorrow evening as this appears to be ideal training for the next event and being pretty cool up here (19 degrees by my watch), ideal for my acclimatization to cooler Tassie (didn't even need a top to keep me warm).

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Run to Paradise (Well, Surfers !)

Had a late run on Thursday (3 hours up the back of Elanora, sadly Mapmyrun didn't reckon some of the bits i did didn't exist - that'd be trails between houses - so i gave up trying to show it), certainly it was one of those runs where you get someone who says the Gold Coast is flat and show them this and watch them change there tune.
Sure not huge heights, but the cumulative effect once you get up beyond Guineas Creek Road and you feel like you've been doing Everest or something.
Brissie Coolrunning Drinks night at West End so i'd admit i was fairly worn out on arrival. Not many of us (compared to Christmas) but 4 hours flew past before i knew it (and although sticking mainly to light beer) had a nap in the car before heading home (actually 5 hours worth i was tired !).
Just an easy run along the beach Friday as i had a number of things to track down for next weekends Three Peaks Race in Tassie
had alot of camping store people look rather strangely at me when i was asking for a "polythene bag, heavy gauge or emergency space survival bag" obviously not a big call for them up the Coast and Tweed ??.
Saturday, just strolled down to the polling booth just in time for the heavens to open up on the way back (glad i'd mowed the night before), still had the search for that damned "survival bag" to continue so no run till i had it.
Still no luck at camping stores so just relaxed and listened to the Sheffield Shield Final (Carn'a Vics) as by now was a lovely sunny arvo.
Wasn't quite sure whether there was a Gold Coast Road Runners run this morning (calendar said no as there was a Sanctuary Cove 10K, but had a feeling that we were told 2 weeks ago it was on).
Well that map above proves it wasn't on, ended up doing 35K's all the way to Surfers Paradise and back (i admit i love the Coast but Surfers really isn't my sort of place so normally if i run long it's the other direction and the new areas of Bilambil Heights etc). Lots of runners out as well as an ironman race at Kurrawa, kept on having people to chase at least, avoided the North Burleigh Hill (Surely we can't do it 8 times at the Australian 100KM in June i've found it's always crowded and unrunnable whatever the time).
Had my first dip for the week at 3rd Avenue and i swear the water is a couple of degrees cooler than the week before (the weather appears to be playing more havoc with the beach, 2 metre high cliff and then neck deep water within 5 steps of the beach which is actually ideal with 35K's in the legs).
Still having problems trying to download pictures on camera, so pic above is the view from my balcony (with Laguna Lake in the background - would you believe as i type this we now have a band recital right there as i type, not sure "Unchained Melody" quite works with a brass band but still i don't often have a concert in my backyard !!!) taken with the mobile phone in attempt to see if the pics from it will be usable in Tassie (best thing is finally i worked out how to transfer from phone to pc so now have my music on the phone if i get desperate !).
Still tossing up whether to get rid of the 8 days worth of beard (an attempt to get used to more warmth for Badwater) certainly didn't feel it out there today but reckon i may need the "face fuzz" in cold Tassie (which at the moment is in the midst of a heatwave).
Have just spoken to my Three Peaks running partner Clarence and he's sorted out that Survival bag so one last thing to worry about and also spoke to Drew the captain of our boat Magic Miles so all is looking good, certainly looks much bigger and more comfortable than the last time i ran this race.
Flying to Launceston on Wednesday (got my date wrong on the cheap flight meant to leave Thursday but easier just to leave it), so quite possibly no blog update till after the race (this phone does have email but stuff all memory so even if i get 3G access on the Yacht i doubt i will be able to update after each race but will try !).
The top picture is our Yacht "Magic Miles" (Race Number 26 in the field of 28), was actually trying to put the pic here but finally gave up !!!.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

While we are on Six Foot Track

6 Foot Track Marathon 2008
Uploaded by Voutch

Did a good solid 25K's this arvo, still not running to my satisfaction though as i was struggling a bit on the flats (still a bit sore from Saturday). Still to get away from my grumpiness thought the best thing to do was add this brilliant video of Saturdays race from Will Vautier (Will from Coolrunning who provided the translations from French in my Trans Gaule Blog), so with his permission here it is. Great video and shows just what is like so much better than my description on the previous post (and i can't knock any video with "Gimme Shelter" in the sound track !!), enjoy.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

None out of six !!!!

I think the title of this post pretty much sums up my year racewise so far, have yet to run a race that i have been happy with anywhere near 100 Percent (actually i'll indulge myself with my thoughts below and you'll see that i've yet to do anything that i've been 2/3 happy with), unfortunately Saturdays Six Foot Track has now joined that category.
Race Year so far:
13 January, Hares and Hounds 55.5 KM, 5:34 and over an hour behind the winner, admittedly not great running by headlight early on and dodging puddles but really never seemed to get into this run: Self Rated 5.5 out of 10 (Regarding rating DNF would be below 5, 5 would be stone motherless last but at least finishing)
27 January, Mansfield to Buller 50 KM, 4:56 and 50 minutes behind winner and 5th slowest time in 14 starts, shot myself in the foot by sleeping through alarm and only making start with a minute to spare, was easily passed by group of three 25K's in and only picked up a couple of stragglers towards the end:
Self Rated 6.25 out of 10
3rd February, Mt Glorious 32KM, 3:44 and 42 minutes behind winner (who also did extra distance), again slept through alarm (actually there was no alarm as we all expected to be awake in time) meaning i was putting number on as race started.
Struggled through mud and slush and pretty much only raced the first 8K's on the return trip, couldn't keep up with one runner in last downhill section:
Self rated 6 out of 10
9th and 10th February, Caboolture 12 Hours, 108 K's, 18K's behind winner and over 7K's worse than previous year, ran well first two hours and pretty much lost the plot for much of the rest of it, good last 45 minutes saved me from total ignominy and did finally find some of that competitive spirit that had been lacking:
Self rated 6.25 out of 10
17th February, Maroondah Dam, 50K's, 5:37 and 5th slowest time in 14 starts (those other 4 i was probably lost) and 80 minutes behind the winner.
Couldn't handle the cold early on (no feeling in fingers first 5K's), and then felt like i was going comfortably, evidently way too comfortably (it isn't meant to be a stroll through the bush !) as i was shocked by the final time, beaten by a few runners that i'd normally expect to beat: Self Rated 5.75 out of 10
8th of March, Six Foot Track, 45K's, 4:34 and second slowest time in 17 starts as well as over 70 minutes behind winner (Stats here :
Good start, not caught up in the lemming like antics of the first half of the first wave, ran well (although within myself) to Coxes River, starting feeling cold as i got towards the Pluviometer (around 25K's) and from then on struggled to retain heat across the Black Range cramping at times (through cold rather than lack of salt), finally extracted the digit after crossing Caves House Road and ultimately passed 6 runners (and was passed by one - possibly a first here) on the run to the finish line. Once warmed up was fine after, but worst ever finish by position, only positive being that i had no sciatic nerve problems or other niggles.
Self rated somewhere between 6.25 and 6.5 out of ten
So there's the year so far, pretty damned ordinary !!!, still now for the non condensed version of Six Foot Track.
Drove most of the way down to the race on Thursday night with a late carbo load of very good Spag Bol at the Coolonglook Servo, once within 200K's of Sydney thought i may as well have a sleep and do the remaining drive in the morning.
Surprisingly good 6 Hour sleep in the rest area and was off by 7AM, not having remembered to bring my Sydney Street Directory meant i was stuck with having to go blindly along Pennant Hills Road (The Old M7) all the way to the Great Western Freeway, what a joke absolute crawl through peak hour traffic all the way finally heading off to the freeway and breakfast and coffee at McDonalds.
Get to the Edge Cinema in Katoomba to pick up the race pack and find there is construction work and no parking so a quick u-turn and park in the street.
Great to catch up with a number of familiar faces and ultimately spend a couple of hours there, not wishing to get to Jenolan Caves to early (and being tempted to do a pre race hike i know me too well), went for a walk around Katoomba and a very tasty stir fry.
Arrive at Jenolan Caves just after 2 and after a bit of a lie down can't resist a walk (and paddle) around the River Walk ( a nice easy 90 minutes or so.
Soon after the rest of our room arrive (from Melbourne) and then off to dinner.
Definitely the best buffet dinner i've had there on a Friday night, lovely lasagna and pasta and very nice desserts, although i never got around to the soup.
By 7 it was time to head back and get an early start with our bus leaving at 5:30.
Best laid plans often go astray and that was the case, caught up with Sheryl Macrow-Cain who i hadn't seen since being in a team with her in the 1998 JLW Challenge so there was plenty to catch up with, still on my way back caught up with some other runners and was surprised to hear heavy rain and thunder definitely not a good omen.
Eventually back to the room at 9 (my slowest 100 metres ever about 2 hours ???), and a good nights sleep.
As usual (well not usual this year going by 2 races), woke up just before the 4:30 alarm so a quick shower before my Vita Brits, was surprised to find only one bus for the 100 odd runners and then the shocking news the second bus had broken down, meaning that there was no way out for the buses (the road going the other way is too narrow for them) meaning we would have to take our own vehicles.
So Robert Boyce gets his car and me, Garry Wise and another runner head off to join him using his "Tom Tom" GPS thing to find the way, inevitably the car is a little faster than the bus but with me in the earlier first wave decide it's safest to let me off at the Explorers Tree (The Start) while they head off to the bus area.
Big queues at the portaloos but thankfully there are many of them so with 20 minutes to start time i'm relaxed and having multiple conversations.
After last years seemingly suicidal dash to the steps i decided i'd try to stay down the back half and thankfully that worked well, we all had a similar pace and reached Nellies Glen fresh and well. Was quite happy to just run my own race and was running comfortably following ACT runner Mick Corlis, was passed by Blue Dog (at that stage appearing to be in very good shape, ultimately proven by his 4:17 finishing time) who i couldn't resist a jibe at (something along the lines of "enjoy being in front while you can" - that sure came back to bite me !!).
From then on it was a group of 5 to 6 along Coxes River including my Trailwalker 2007 team mate Brian Ackerley (ultimately leaving me for dead to finish in 4:09 - won't mention all the names of people i need to get revenge on in races this year it'd be a damned long list so far !!!). Waist deep river crossing at Coxes (second deepest i can recall), certainly made my muscles stiffen up as the water was really cold, but was still moving along nicely.
I'm never really sure what the points are i start walking rather than running but i always feel that each year they are that little earlier, strangely this year wasn't one of those years and seemed to be going well. Then somewhere up the Pluviometer i simply began to lose warmth, i'd just passed Kevin O'Kane (Sweeper for the 7AM start) and out of the blue felt really cold, now i think of it i should have removed my sweaty headband (which was beginning to feel like an iceblock around my forehead) but at the time was more worried by the fact i wasn't really sure what to do.
Certainly ate fruit and had coke and sports drink at the aid stations but really felt i needed something hot (if anything the cold drinks were more harm than good but knew hydration was important). Essentially this was the story of my Black Range, occasionally i'd cramp up but this appeared to be from the cold rather than lack of salt etc, and my fingers were getting number and number (at one point i tried to open a seal lock bag with "Karls Kaps" and needed eventually to get another runner to open it my hands simply didn't work).
Again i cramped running down !! the deviation but seemed to sort that out on the way back, by that time the runners in front of me were having problems too, so no matter how bad i was going i still had someone to chase. Was actually offered a blanket by the Ambulance officer at the next checkpoint (obviously i looked as crook as i felt, i think the race pictures do show me looking pretty miserable in the later stages: Sports/Six Foot Track Marathon;match=19 and certainly had bluish tinged hands).
Made it to Caves House Road and was asked whether i'd be able to make the last 7K's (i think that fired me up as i responded "Piece of Piss" and headed off with a renewed vigour).
From then on had some ordinary spots but ultimately the worst was over as i continued to chase runners down, running all the way from the last checkpoint and passing 6 (and being passed by one - a new unwelcome experience on this part of the course).
Finally to the finish line and looked at the clock tick over to 4:34, hope i didn't offend too many people as i uttered, typically loudly, a word similar to Phuket, it was pretty obvious i wasn't happy with the run at all (well actually those 14 odd K's the rest was not too bad).
Typically by the time i'd got my medal and talked to some of the earlier finishers (79 of them !!) the sun finally came out, definitely could have done with that earlier (remembering fondly the old days of a 10 o'clock start).
I'm sure that for most people these had been ideal conditions for a PB, but for me it was an ideal day for hypothermia or similar not sure if it was the fact i'd spent too many days running in 34 degree heat and humidity in the couple of weeks leading up to it or the fact that we don't really get cold days on the Coast (we do get enough wet ones though) but obviously i don't handle the cold as well as i used to (not as though i ever handled it that well !!).
A hot shower and an hour lying in a warm bed and then it was off for the social side of the race.
Hard to believe after all those problems with the cold that only a couple of hours later an icy cold beer went down so well (and so did the next etc !!!), and it was great to catch up with so many people (many who i only see yearly at this race).
As usual great organisation (bus problems are just something that happen) and certainly i'll be back for number 18 next year (if it's as cold as this year maybe they can me my 18 Finish jacket about halfway through :-) could've done with it this year), interesting drive back on the Sunday morning as we tried to spot where Roberts car actually was but from then on i just followed my road atlas out via Windsor (okay i drove around Windsor for 30 minutes as i tried to locate the road to Hornsby and Galston Gorge !!!).

I know i promised a Six Foot report !!!

I know i promised a Six Foot report, but sorting out the Three Peaks in Tassie (Easter Weekend) and Badwater takes priority as well as a few other things so another day or so and i'll think of a positive spin in what was, to me, a damned shocking performance.
Couldn't resist posting the above article from this weeks Phuket Post, was waiting for a much better review than anything i came up with at the time and they've certainly done it.
Anyway i'm off for a few miles and maybe some thoughts on Six Foot Track !

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Off to the Six Foot Track Marathon

Always a bit edgy pre race, particularly a race that is one of my "Goal" Races for the year, so finally decided i'd do a nice easy 90 minute run this morning.
Original plan was to run yesterday evening but heavy rain deterred me (yeah i'm getting soft) so it was a nice solid, but not too hard, run a couple of hills including my nemesis "Mt Woodgee" which i was glad to take easily.
Proved to myself i hadn't lost fitness in Phuket (believe me that's been at the back of my mind, sure i'd done some decent runs most mornings and even had got good exercise simply "being a tourist" but i know late nights and lots of booze are capable sometimes of bringing me unstuck), so i'm still predicting a sub 4:20 on Saturday (now it's out on cyberspace i guess i've got no excuses).
Have been trying to download some "happy snaps" from the trip but unfortunately i've got the same problem i had over there and i can't recharge the camera unless i actually hold the cable (not sure if i've managed to break the cable or whether its something to do with the stupid three part recharge connection), so we'll all have to wait, so for the moment i'll make do with this one with Shari at the "warmup gig" at Taipan (yes i do stand out as an Aussie tourist with that very loud T Shirt :-), that would explain why all the street vendors always greeted me with "Gidday Mate" as they tried to sell me everything under the sun !!).
Anyway it's time for me to hit the road now, so next blog update will be Monday after Six Foot Track (

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back to normal (or as close as i get !!!)

Had a great last few days in Phuket, snorkelling, hiking after monkeys (Gibbons),climbing mountains and messing around in boats and then of course it was all over (what's more worrying is i had a closer look at the video i posted from youtube if you look closely around the 1:18 to 1:19 minute mark you can see me clearly in the audience - despite the look my head did not drop off :-)).
Didn't have a great flight back, would you believe that two of the planes i was on had "Medical Emergencies" meaning they had to take people off and then find their luggage, had the feeling i was never going to make it back !!!.
Thoroughly enjoyed the walk home after spending all that time in cramped plane seats but knew the first thing i had to do was get a new phone so it was off to Robina Town Centre (not a shopping centre person at all but knew there was a "Three" store there). Just made it before closing time and now i have a phone that still three days in is still a mystery (but at least i know how to ring numbers on it, that'll do for the time being !!!).
Finally got a run in this morning, had time to run to Burleigh Waters and just be in to catch the Gold Coast Roadrunners heading off, we did the lower Burleigh Heads Track and then along the beachfront and then GC Hwy to 19th Ave (had this feeling we were just about heading back home !), and then back via the "Rainforest Track" at quite a clip was quite happy with my uphill running.
From then it was beachfront and we were all so busy talking that we missed the turnoff almost making it to North Burleigh SLSC (at least it wasn't me navigating), back to the clubrooms for a drink of water and then i headed back over Burleigh Heads and home so in all 20 Odd K's ???, definitely not showing any effects from Phuket (or more specifically late nights and too much beer) and feel the rest from serious running may have done me good, i guess i'll know better after Saturdays Six Foot Track Marathon (
In the meantime just cursing the new phone, with no contacts saved from the old sim card every call is a surprise !!!
Happy Birthday to my mother who would have been 83 today, moments like these i do feel a bit like the "end of the line".