Monday, 1 December 2008

Training too hard now for a relaxing flight to New Zealand

Not much to talk about racewise since my last post, but seeing i head off to New Zealand for the Kepler Challenge on the 6th of December, doubt i'll be updating the blog till i return.
Very hard week training wise, unfortunately there are times when simply i forget that most of my career has been based on training runs of 2.5 to 3 Hours with no drink stops and just pure hard running and also simply that much of this has been in somewhat cooler climes than the Gold Coast (particularly in the recent very humid conditions we've had when it hasn't been raining !!).
Long runs Thursday and Saturday and both times was feeling too good when i got to my usual turnaround point unfortunately both times i was struggling by the end and even needed a drink of water (and dip under a beach shower) with still a couple of miles to go. I guess pushing it too hard is always better than training too easy but nevertheless i do have the odd feeling of mortality when i push it that hard. A litre of cordial and water mixture goes down so well when i get home it isn't funny, but really it takes a good couple of hours before i'm back in any sort of shape (interesting when i went off to work on the Thursday arvo !!!).
Decided to take it easier on Sunday and ended up doing a relatively easy 15K's with the Gold Coast Road Runners Club (having slept in had to drive there which worked out well as sausages and eggs for breakfast there would have been an interesting run back).
Today was desperate for one last hard run, but wanted to give myself the option of shortening it if i felt knackered, so dug out my old "Mt Woodgee" loop meaning i'd do the hard K or so uphill and then cruise around the Currumbin Beachfront and enjoy the beautiful sunny day before heading up my "hill from hell" again.
Seven laps was quite sufficient, was still feeling strong so decided was best to do an easy lap back to my bit of beach and a swim, looks like i picked it nicely today, 16K's of the loop as well as 4K's there and 5K's home seemed just what i needed today.
Not sure if i'll get a chance for a run tomorrow, but seeing i get to Te Anau on Wednesday i'd like to think i could do some trails around the Kepler course before Saturdays race.
Unfortunately not being able to get back to the Coast before the Tuesday evening means i've had to rule out a Coast to Kosi start (with a 15 to 20 Hour drive to the start at Eden really question whether i'd have run my race beforehand, think i really needed a QLD based crew so i could have had a good rest in the car rather than being stuck behind the steering wheel), i do feel it's really a bit of waste considering my fitness at the moment, whilst i wouldn't have been giving Tim Cochrane's record a shake i'm confident i'd have been well under my 39 Hours of 2005, still even i can't be everywhere.
Looks like the month of Magnesium supplement seems to have done me alot of good as i'm definitely recovering well and (unrelated i'm sure !! have had no back problems), however i have been happy to have the odd beer or wine in recent times after all we've only got one life and being permanently alcohol free has never been an option for me as for me it's always been part of a happy, well rounded life.

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Tesso said...

Good luck in NZ! You'd better beat a Kiwi or two as payback for the thumping they gave us in the rugby league world cup final.