Saturday, 4 April 2009

A week of interesting training

Having spent the week in my old hometown of Melbourne, i've had some interesting between Ultra runs.
After 33KM's at Humevale on the Sunday, fronted up and did the 5KM with the Gunn Runners (along Beaconsfield Parade) as Albert Park was still in Grand Prix Mode, finishing second in a bit over 20 minutes (no exact time as this pc has no pdf reader), reasonably content with that.
After a number of glorious days in the mid 20's to low 30's (32 degrees on Thursday), did 100 minutes of running at Lillydale Lake, very comfortable but not timing nightfall to well (rather dark as i tried to find my way out of a housing estate and back to my parked car).
Thursday morning i'd woken with a very sore neck (the really bad sort of neck i get about twice a year), so had booked an appointment for Friday with my old Chiropractor Andrea Bisaz.
3 Hour run yesterday to Ringwood and then following the Eastlink Trails and back following Dandenong Creek (so long since i've run there) to Heathmont and then Bayswater, a little before home lightning and thunder showed that the summery weather was well and truly over and ended up a little waterlogged by then and more importantly only giving me an hour (after a very quick hot shower) to drive to my chiro appointment.
This morning it was the 8K Victorian Road Runners Tan Trial, so did a pre race warm up lap and then the actual event in 33:56, again very comfortable and feeling good.
Couldn't resist a warm down lap with two of the original Spartans (including another visitor Bruce Hargreaves) and also an easy trot with the Nike Run For the Kids Training group, good way to get the legs ready for tomorrow.
So tomorrow it's my Third Frankston to Portsea, haven't run this since winning in 2004, but in those intervening years the class and numbers in the field has improved exponentially so no big predictions but reckon i've got a pretty good one in me.
Bit of a worry looking at the weather on the drive back, recently Coffs Harbour has been flooded and the northern NSW appears to have been indundated, so could be an interesting drive back home !!!.

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