Monday, 5 January 2015

Another year of running ends, many ups and downs

I'd have to say 2014 was an interesting year, having Transe Gaule for the first time since 2008, I'm still not totally convinced that doing multi day stage races is really my thing or not, however those seem to be where I get consistent running in, although looking at how some of the younger runners went this year have to acknowledge that as I get older I appear to not recover day after day as well I think I do.
Certainly my second year in a row with no wins (unless you count age groups), and like last year injuries messed me up, 2013 was the year of the Hamstring, 2014 the year of the Calf, worst to be honest was a cough that lasted from around April until now, to be honest didn't see the doctor until I needed to get a referral for my calf tear in December and eventually it ended up to be a "Whooping Cough", only thought kids could get that but apparently not. In theory antobiotics fixed that, although as I had a very bad reaction to the antibiotics was only able to go half way through that course.
Certainly this year I appear to have been the unhealthiest really fit person about, as still ended up with 17 Ultras, 4 Marathons, 4 Half Marathons, 1 25K and 17 Parkruns for just over 2,420K, over a 1000K more than the previous two years. Details  here
I'd be honest and say I really haven't made big plans as yet for 2015, find it hard to enter races when I can't actually run, in theory the calf should be fine by the end of January, although I did, probably against better advice, run a little over Christmas in Montreal and did manage 46.2K run/walking in my only race over there.
Certainly there will be races, and hopefully some overseas adventures (and blog posts about them) but first I have to get myself healthy.

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