Friday, 31 August 2007

Just when Europe thought it was safe

Just a short post, have finally sorted it all out and am off to Deutschlandlauf
Essentially the German version of Trans Gaule, slightly longer distance wise, slighter shorter day wise and slightly harder.
Leaving for Hamburg on Sunday night, and arriving in a place called Stralsund on the 9th for the race start on the 10th, essentially then running south for the next 17 days, and then heading off to Zurich for a few days r & r before heading back for the Melbourne Marathon (makes it all sound so easy !!).
Now that i have a phone with email access (and i'm told it will be fine over there re that access), looks like i should be able to update the blog day by day race wise as i don't think there is an English version of the race results, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Shame the Rolling Stones tour wasn't a month later wouldv'e worked nicely, but still i am looking forward to another stage race and seeing if i can put into practice what i learnt last year, only disappointment the race finishes relatively close to Munich, but the fact that Oktoberfest is on makes accommodation there ridiculously expensive so rather than post race beers at Oktoberfest it's off to Zurich (and strangely a cheaper flight home).

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Russell Secker said...

Hey Kelvin,
I look forward to meeting you in Stralsund. I'll be there Sept 9 too. Hope you're feeling good - best of luck.
Russell Secker
(non-whingeing Brit, based in Austin, Texas)