Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Next race - yeah i'm being cryptic again !!

For the poor people out there who have been following this blog and reading about my "temporary running retirement" and all those other issues of late, not least of all the fact that this seemingly indestructible runner has of recent times been like a racehorse ready for the glue factory (although at least without equine influenza :-)), finally i've sort of got my running act back together.
Went for a run last night to Albert Park for the 5K Gunn run, did at least mean i got to see a great view of the Total Eclipse as well, did this in a fairly underwhelming 20:56 but considering i'd run 6K's to get there (and only just be on time) was relatively content as at least the calf seemed reasonable (could feel it, but after that one post race beer really couldn't remember it) and was fine on the run home (after all the final series of The Sopranos started last night so had good reason to be content when i made it in the door).
So this morning decided i'd see about what was next for me, still felt like i needed a holiday before the final move north in November, and felt as though i really needed a good long (ie not having to run as fast as i would in a marathon !!) run.
Bottom line i now have a trip arranged (well i have to pay for it tomorrow as i'm heading off Sunday), assuming my body doesn't break down tomorrow morning.
I think Richard or Robert and some of the runners at Shepparton may have an idea where that next start will be, but i won't make an official announcement until it's all paid for and sorted.
Hint: Not in Australia, also theoretically i'd want to change the name of this blog but doubt i will, yes i will be back for the Melbourne Marathon but with only 4 days to spare doubt it'll be a fast one,
Stay tuned,


Tesso said...

Do we win a beer for guessing where you are going :-)

An Aussie running across France said...

All will be answered tomorrow, i would offer a beer as prize but seeing that it could be a while (Melbourne Marathon) till i get around to giving that prize that'll depend on the winner reminding me :-).
One last hint, the Stones did play here this year (actually they played in the same city my plane will be landing as well as the city i'm heading back from - different places and different countries).