Tuesday, 30 October 2007

As i turn back time

With injuries and now a cold (i'd say that's my 5th since the Australian 100K Championships in Mid June, i think the body has had it for the year running wise), taking there toll, finally got a chance to work out how to download my video of the Western States 100 Miler. Unfortunately, although only 6.5 minutes long it is way too big to put anywhere bar on my pc hard drive, so had to play around to make it loadable. Making the file smaller meant i lost all dialogue in this version (not a bad thing as i cringe at my cockiness prior to the race essentially because i wasn't going to say exactly what i thought at the time - which would have been along the lines of "i've been as sick as a dog all week and need a miracle to get through i know my limits and because of that know i can do it but doubt that any medical person worth their diploma would pass me as fit to start, still it's a long way to come for a DNS so i'll be out there until someone drags me off the course" - which ended up a bit too close to the ultimate result) So i couldn't resist dubbing it with my signature tune "Start Me Up" (not the Stones greatest song, having been first recorded by them in 1975 - originally a reggae type track built around a guitar rift essentially the reverse of the classic "Brown Sugar" and with the original working titles of "Start It Up" or "Never Stop" but not released in a much rockier version until 1981 with "me" replacing the lyric "it" - nevertheless still good enough for me to put it somewhere in the middle of my top 30 Stones songs of all time), with the line "If you start me up I'll never stop" always appropriate to us Ultra runners (that's the problem i get injured i start digging out bits of Stones trivia from the deepest recesses of my memory). A big thanks to Lisa for the actual camera work, just a shame i wasn't out there longer so that possibly we could have got some more footage. As for me and Western States, here we are 5 months down the track and i don't regret going to the US for it, but very unlike me i don't (and even more strangely for me) and haven't in any of that time since, have a burning passion to go back and get revenge on that course. There is a little of me say's if i wanted to go back i'd do it totally different, pretty much just rock up on the Friday and run on the Saturday (and avoid the hype) but frankly i'd be happy just to do some other Ultras over there when i get the chance, was surprised just how much i enjoyed the US (well California at least) and with the number of Ultras there not a hard thing to do (damn that means at some future date there will be a new AussieRunner blog just don't hold your breath :-)).
Anyway at present refuse to plan ahead racewise, first to recover from injuries and then i guess we'll see what happens. It'll feel strange this Melbourne Cup long weekend, the last 17 years have been either the 4 Peaks Run (9 times) in Bright or the Three Bays Marathon in Portland (7 times) the only time in recent history i've haven't raced was injured and living in Sydney back in 1995, at least i've got a good gig to enjoy on Friday night James Reyne & Mark Seymour.

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