Thursday, 1 November 2007

A comeback of sorts

Having had various muscular troubles since Brindabella and with the cold laying me low as well frankly the last thing i'd wanted to do in the last couple of weeks was run. Today i woke up and thought i'd better actually do something, the cold was still hanging in there but i reckoned i should at least roll my legs over a few K's just to see if i was in as bad nick as i thought.
Certainly the right knee didn't really want to be out there as i approached the racecourse (the first two K's) but after that i seemed to get a bit more into it, probably was helped by the fact there were a few joggers in front of me at Caulfield Park to spur me on, had to do a couple of uphills, so went up Hawthorn Rd to Dandenong Rd (who knows how many times i've done that over the years), down Alma Rd (nostalgically passing my childhood home could be a while till i see it again), and then my next hill climb up Kooyong Rd (again so many times i've done it that there is probably a path worn underneath the paving) and then stretched out a bit on Dandenong Rd again. Did my typical mad dash (read sprint work with oncoming traffic)across Dandenong Rd to reach Chapel St and then across to Punt Rd and my last hill for the day up StKilda Rd to Alma followed by a good roll down to Carlisle St.
In total 13.44 K's, not quite sure of the time (didn't look at the clock when i left home), but at a guess around 80 minutes, so not exactly flying still made it in the door with no further strains and only needed 500ml's of cordial (compared to the 1.5 litres i usually have after my standard 20 miler means i didn't push it too hard).
Back to the physio this arvo, want to see if todays efforts have done me any harm still would love to do some running on Cup weekend but realise i don't want to do myself any further harm.

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