Thursday, 24 January 2008

Now i'm ready for Buller

After getting the sciatic nerve problems sorted on Tuesday, got some natural anti inflammatories (i know the Voltarens are really no go good for the rest of my body and i think there's enough things that i do to my body that aren't good without using them regularly) as that will also ease the problems. So Tuesday and Wednesday evenings just did a nice easy run along the beach, damned weather still not great so found i was running into the teeth of a gale yesterday on the way back (and not warm enough to be tempted by a dip on the way back).
Today i thought i'd better get serious so knocked out a good solid run up over Burleigh Heads to North Burleigh with the run to the viewing platform at the top just to knock me off. I always find it a laugh on the bike/pedestrian path as it tends to be full of topless "pretty boys" not running fast but looking more like they are moving at the right speed to be spotted by females, take great joy in sprinting past them and making them look slow (okay i'm usually topless by then with the singlet in my hand to wipe off sweat but anyone seen me topless would definitley not claim i'm pretty - all ribs :-().
By the time i was back just took off the shoes and socks and got straight into the fairly heavy surf, barely any beach but the cold water was just what the body was craving.
Probably the last real hard run before Mansfield to Buller, now to make sure i don't get too carried away on the dancefloor at the "Rolling Stones Experience" gig tomorrow night and get more calf problems !!.


Jaykay said...

Nothing wrong with topless "pretty boys" I say :0)

Lisa said...

Yeah totally agree. Thats the only reason why me and Carolyn did our monday recovery run along Burleigh... :) Think they feel a bit intimidated when we pass them tho... ps. the swedish is hilarious but hardly understandable...hihi. you more than welcome to comment in english Good luck this weekend!

Lisa said...

Totally agree! Thats one of the reason me and Carolyn did our "post binna recovery run" along Burleigh... Think the guys do get a bit intimidated when we run past them tho... Good Luck this weekeden! ps. the swedish comments are hilarious but hardly understandable... hihi.