Sunday, 16 November 2008

First run for the week, more blues in my backyard all topped off by a storm

Nothing much to report run wise this week, when i did get a chance to run the weather tended to be very ordinary (ie rain and/or storms) and really was happy to take it easy after last weeks 100 Miler.
Finally decided Sunday was the day for a long run, but slept in marginally so missed out on the Gold Coast Runners Club regular run (i did turn up but no idea what the time was being watchless !), decided then to head towards Surfers, good solid run and was lucky enough to find Ultra runners Geoff Last and Peter Gibson coming back from their long run just past Northcliffe. Reckon i'd done enough mileage so joined them on the run back to Burleigh Heads, probably a little faster as i do tend to push it a bit more running with people !!.
Once Geoff had turned off home at Burleigh Heads decided to take it easy over the Burleigh hill and by 15th Ave (Palm Beach) decided i'd done enough for the day so a paddle was in order, popped in to my cousin's for a cold drink and a cuppa and then headed for a swim on the way home.
One of those fortunate days when we get live entertainment at Laguna Lake (my backyard), so was back in time for some more live music from "Blind Lemon". Really enjoyable gig (nothing like being able to stroll out the side gate to a gig, just got to remember to take a chair and refreshments !!), but cut a little short as a storm rolled in. Sitting here at the moment watching heavy rain as i type on the balcony, looked like good timing.
Probably another easy week as i'm off down south for the Moe 6 Hours track run next Saturday.

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