Monday, 3 November 2008

Spot the Ultra Runner ????

Folks if i don't update this blog sometime next week, it'll be simple to work out.
After 3 good longs runs last week i decided i would enter the Great North Walk 100 Miler. With the Gold Coast Runners club more involved with their own triathlon last Sunday only got a short group run with them as far as the North Burleigh Hill but having driven to their Burleigh Heads clubrooms (as opposed to run - even i sleep in ocassionally) meant i could run further north so ended up running all the way to the Southport Seaway.
Knew it was fairly late by the time i headed back as Kurrawa Markets were very busy and the beachside paths were becoming crowded with familes as well as many people in apparently post big night stupors around Surfers etc.
No back problems (can't really see the chiro this week as i'm heading down the race on Tuesday night/Wednesday so i can get an idea of the trails), but interestingly the metatarsal is sore again, i suppose the positive is i'll be running on trails not roads etc so shouldn't be an issue.
I'm sure there are people wondering what the above picture it, well the answer is i'm in it (just nobody would recognize me without running gear and headband or bandanna etc). Actually it's a picture taken on Friday night at the wedding of Ultra runner Nic Moloney and Mallani MacArthur (soon to be an Ultra runner but certainly a runner) and all the people pictured are good friends and also runners, it's amazing we scrub up pretty well although i freely admit me in a suit and tie is about as logical as a bird hopping into a plane to fly (my only concession to my normal non stylish self being the short sleeved shirt - i don't own a long sleeved one and it was actually a rush job to find any collared shirt to iron !!).
So as people frantically search the picture to work out just which one is me, i'd better get packing for this next race.
Dawned on me tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day, one of the few religious holidays i take much notice of, better start reading a form guide although have to admit it's hard to think of a 3200 metre race as a test of staying ability !!!!

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