Wednesday, 18 February 2009

It all begins again

Just a quick update, with no Maroondah Dam 50K race last weekend, and my racing schedule between now and Six Foot Track a work in progress (ie i can't find a race worth doing ), thought it was worth mentioning that i've been offered a start in this years Badwater.
Funny thing was i had it in my mind that offers came out Wednesday morning our time and it was only when a friend rang me (who obviously read the website more diligently than me) and asked whether i'd got in last night that i hopped onto my computer and logged and got the good news.
Only worry at the moment is the exchange rate, with a much higher entry fee this year ultimately just entering is 4 digits in Aussie Dollars, at least i'm more organised this time having just booked my accommodation at Furnace Creek and Lone Pine, guess i'd better get some training in now :-).

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Jaykay said...

Excellent news Kelvin. I'll enjoy hearing about your adventures.