Friday, 6 February 2009

Mount Glorious 32KM Trail Run 1/2/2009

Last year was the first ever Mt Glorious trail run and i remember at the time i got such a shock that such a "unbrisbane" like part of Brisbane could exist within 30K's of the capital city. Wet, foggy and even a little cold in February, really strange but very welcome climatic conditions more like something i'd expect in the Blue Mountains or the Dandenongs.
Had left my entry late this year, as with a field limit of 75 up from last years 40 that National Parks had imposed i was confident i'd get a late start but also wary about backing up from Mt Buller knowing i had two hard races in the weeks to follow (and no Phuket Blues Festival this year to recover at !).
After seeing the chiropractor on Wednesday first thing i did was put my entry in, and knowing it was a good 2 hour early morning drive decided i'd also camp at Camp Constable again with some of the other runners.
Leaving the coast on Saturday afternoon, the weather there was a welcome relief and was glad to get my stuff out the car before dark and get dinner cooking once i'd worked out how the operate the camp stove, knew that others were about but evidently there was still some trail marking being done.
Race organiser Greg and Julie as well as Townsville runners John & Lia, turned up as my spaghetti was boiling along so ultimately we had a good feed once Greg had got out the store room keys to provide tables and chairs. With only a few campers this year even had a whole fixed tent to myself, although the Huntsman Spider on the sidewall may have disagreed.
This year i was definitely setting my alarm although with a 7AM start (half an hour later than last year) i was confident i'd be there in plenty of time.
When i arrived, in plenty of time, we found another National Parks proviso we had to start in groups of 4, spaced 2 minutes apart (so we didn't disturb the tourists - obviously tourists around here are actually invisible !!), was thankful we only had 40 odd starters again, 75 and we'd have been waiting a long time, only wish we'd had this problem last year.
Eventually started off with the last group, a little outclassed as our small group had Don Wallace, one of the true trail greats and this is his backyard and one of his training partners, as well as Deb Mitchell who's beaten me easily the last two Glasshouse starts.
Not my ideal way to start a race with a steep uphill run after the first few 100 metres on road and dropped back to last knowing there was plenty of time to really run later. Up and up and up, sums up the beginning, very steep and at times slippery, was relieved to get up and find some downhill (and also to hear the calls of a lost runner, at least we managed to point out the correct trail for her).
Very steamy morning and was glad to get to the first drink stop as was sweating heavily but really not warmed up. Many of the runners use this training for the Kokoda Challenge Team event in July and are not quite as quick as the runners doing it day in day out so i was finding i was passing plenty of people but doubt i was going that well to be honest.
Some skinny, overgrown tracks and finally some wider stuff but nevertheless still uphill and this was to go on for many K's, ended up chasing down a couple of runners with a run/walk strategy as i knew i wanted to save myself for a good last half mainly downhill.
With a couple of K's to go saw my first lot of runners coming towards me with Don in front and about 8 others.
Turnaround point gave me time for some coke and endura and even a rice bubble type slice and i took off refreshed and looking forward to the return journey.
Passed Adrian Pearce and found he was having a few problems (normally a bulletproof Ultra runner as well as triple Beer Mile Champion) and he informed me the next runners were still a fair way ahead, that unfortunately i could guess i was moving fast but i assumed they would be as well.
From then on it was downhill and running hard but no sign of any others, last drink station and then up, up seemed forever ultimately there are 4 climbs before the steep downhill to the finish i'll try to remember this next time !!.
Took a while to get a rhythmn on the steep downhill but by the end it was becoming second nature and finished full of running in 3:31:12, much faster than last year although still 30 minutes behind Don.
Was surprised to find Deb not in, but she'd missed one turn and like last year there were are few people with navigational problems.
Still pretty happy with my performance and i reckon that's got me nicely in shape for Maroondah Dam but first i've got the 12 Hours at Caboolture to knock off.

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