Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Greetings from Las Vegas

Having just returned from a 2 Hour run in what various temperature guages here show as being somewhere between 105 and 108 degrees (ie low 40's), thought it was a good time to update the blog with a race coming up this Saturday.
3 Days in LA seemed to be enough to get my body clock back into normal time and each day i'd head off for a 2 hour run and because of my inimitable ability to lose myself it would end up being a 3 Hour run (it's fine knowing the names of streets the problem is sometimes i had no idea which way i should actually head).
Whilst i could quite happily live in the "South Bay" area of LA have to say that the weather this time was rather disappointing, it was actually cooler than back home and despite annoying winds 2 of the 3 days the smog simply didn't lift.
I actually ended up with a sore throat from it, which really wasn't what i was looking for. Friday Night at least was time for some fun of the musical variety.
Shari had a gig with her other band "Blues Bettie", and were the first support act for guitarist Eric Sardinas at The Coach House ( at San Juan Capistrano, a good hours drive away and ultimately meaning a very late night. Great night and the place was packed, seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere but i guess that way there are no neighbours to complain about the noise !!!.
Shari, as usual, was great and her band of 8 horns (there were trumpets and various other wind instruments i couldn't name) really worked well together although i was hanging out unsuccessfully for an original song rather than all covers, still an hour later and i was wanting more.
Ended up next to relatives of the next act Brenda Harp and was having a chat with them for a bit, Brenda too was good, only Blues singer i've ever known to be accompanied by a violinist, few covers (including a U2 song) and some original material.
Next on was the main act Eric Sardinas, pretty straight forward him doing guitars and vocals, a bass and a drummer, good performer and really good guitarist but as tends to be the case with singer/guitarists did tend to get get carried away with guitar solos at times.
By the time this was finished it was 1AM, so didn't make it back till the Beach till 2, hardly ideal for the long drive to Las Vegas.
In short, as anyone having read this blog previously would know i really don't like Las Vegas it's just too over the top for me, however thankfully i'm staying out of town in Henderson (20 miles away ??), a place made for running with heaps of tracks, and also Sloan Canyon walking distance away. Having planned a little ahead i've also found myself a running group, so can do my main heat training in the middle of the day and then join them for an hour run of an evening (or Sunday morning as was the case this week - where those pictures are taken).
All is good so far trainingwise especially now the weather is heating up for Saturdays Running with the Devil 50 Miler.

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