Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Time to be a nomad now !

Tomorrow i fly off to the US for Badwater.
Above is the race number signs i'll have this year (a change from my graffiti type ones last year :-)), thanks to Drymax Socks (http://www.drymaxsocks.com/index.php )
Actually it's more like a long solo running tour (freely admit it's not the same without Trans France or Germany this year).
I've got a week of acclimatization around Las Vegas and then the
Running With The Devil 50 Miler (http://www.calicoracing.com/)on June 27,
it's then 2 weeks to Badwater, just how i spend that depends really how well i feel i've acclimatized after that race.
A week and a bit after Badwater i'm doing the San Francisco Marathon (http://www.runsfm.com/) on July 26, i may possibly do the Skyline 50K (http://www.skyline50k.us/)the week after (really enjoyed it last year just not sure where i'll be), but i'll be back in LA for the Mt Disappointment 50 Miler
(http://www.mtdisappointment50k.com/index.shtml) the week after.
The Bulldog 50K(http://www.trailrunevents.com/bd/index.htm)on 22nd August will round off my trip as i manage to squeeze in one last race before i return.
I'm hoping to keep the blog fairly up to date, and will probably have extra non running posts simply so i know where i am when looking at photos later.

Of course all that, in theory, means i should be in good shape for the Glasshouse 100Miler when i return, time will tell i guess.

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Jaykay said...

Good luck Kelvin. Looking forward to following your adventures in the US!