Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mystic Mountain Day 1 October 31

Finally after 10 years i'd made i back to the Bright Alpine Climb (4 Peaks Race), and today was to be my mystery run, in previous years we'd done Mount Porepunkah, but now we had a uphill/downhill race at Mystic Mountain.

By memory this would be really steep, and the beginning confirmed my suspicions with a short flat bit then straight up !.

Eventually hit the top after a number of false summits (surprisingly with artificial grass where they launch paragliders - which is not the top !)and then downhill at the start very steeply then really beautiful downhill running, really enjoyed that as i had plenty left, was almost a shame when i hit the finish line.

Looking forward to being a tourist today and unfortunately i have no idea of my race time but will admit i'm in way better shape than i usually was after Porepunkah - bring on my old favourite Mount Feathertop tomorrow !

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