Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mount Feathertop Day 2 November 1

Got to Harrietville a little later than i did the start yesterday, new that was best or me as waiting is not my strongest suit.
Gave me a chance to talk with few mates and also check yesterdays results, can't say i was too rapt with 1:16 when the winning time by Dave Osmond was 54 minutes and i was barely in the top 30, but i think that sums me up as a mountain runner sure i run mountains but it's like my golf i do play golf but if you then looked at Tiger Woods play you'd find it hard to believe we were doing the same thing and that's a bit like me against real "mountain runners" The Dave Osmond, Robin Rishworth, Greg Mandiles etc of the running world, if i ever need an ego check a race against mountain runners on mountains is ideal!.

Still the course was marginally different than my previous 9 years and in theory that should have been a help as we had an extra K or so to run along the road to the start as we were now starting in Tavare Park to avoid traffic congestion around the camping area.

Set off with Traralgon Harriers Richard Comber and Kathryn (who has run in the World Mountain running Championships), and was happy to let her go and run with Richard but once we hit the trails he was too good.

Strangely seemed a little less runnable than some years (i've probably been up Feathertop a couple of dozen times in all one of my favourite mountains), and seemed to take a long time to work up the speed to pass the walkers.

I was regularly passed by some of the faster runners and was happy to finally make it to Federation and be greeted by a perfect sunny day for the final assault on the top. Was surprised to find my old sparring partner Ian Twite in front of me, obviously i didnt recognise him as he passed me (giving me a 5 minute start !), and kept chasing him but ultimately unable to run him down, again vague with time something under 2 hours but that was about it !!.
Was thankful for jacket, gloves and bandanna at top although i admit eating snow was very thirst quenching as well great when leaning on knees getting it.
Now at least it was time for my fun part, the run down.
Tonight it's the Pasta Party and tomorrow Mount Hotham at least the runs are getting longer with Hotham being 15K's nowadays (and as usual i'll be the solo runner on the way back).
Very hot here as i type (i've been told 35), time to enjoy the Ovens River.

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