Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mount Mee Marathon May 2 2010

Finally it was May and i was due to run a marathon so it was off to Mount Mee, this year the "downhill course" to Dayboro.
Up at 3AM as i was planning to leave the car at Dayboro to get a lift to the start i did at least get that part right.
This was the scene of last years slowest (and only 4 Hour) marathon so i knew this wasn't going to be an easy one and definitely not a PB although in theory should have been the reverse.
Took off well, in dull morning light and as usual coolish conditions and typically here wanted to take the lead, had it for around 4K's and was then challenged by a girl, no idea of her credentials (can't say i do too many races as short as a marathon nowadays !) but was keen to push her and also another bloke hopefully breaking them on the upcoming steep hills.
Didn't quite work that way so thought i'd better stick to my own raceplan rather than trying to run someone elses race so let them (and another fellow) scoot ahead frankly planning to pick up the pieces as the course got the better of them later, wasnt to realise until post race that the girl was a 2:40 Marathoner Roxie Schmidt and one bloke a relay team ! .
Lot's of good downhill but still plenty of uphill and i passed the half in 1:49 hardly world shattering but a big improvement on the other direction.
Had seen glimpses of at least one of the runners in front at various points but Roxie had well and truly flown away, though still had designs on at least being first male.
After finally getting off the trail and onto real roads was told that the next fellow was only 5 minutes ahead and that certainly gave me a boost, but around 35K's in was told by the race director to move to the other side of the road from then onwards and admit i took my mind off the job momentarily just doesnt feel right running with the traffic as opposed to against me and i'm quite convinced that the next runner saw that mental weakness and swooped.
Suddenly i had someone to chase but for once that failed to move me quicker and whilst we were now on roads and heading mainly downwards i just couldn't close the gap ultimately finishing in 3:32:34 4th solo of 33 with Roxie winning in 3:09:50.
Good solid run but already i was having thoughts of my next race, trying to defend my title at next Saturdays DELXC 6 Hour Trail run

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