Friday, 15 October 2010

DELXC 6 Hour Trail run 8th May 2010

After Mount Mee, definitely felt like i needed to rest to recover with only a 6 day break before this event (which last year was in September - sadly there are often too many events on at the same time particularly in May !), but on the Friday my plans for the rest of the year had been thrown out the window with an offer of a late start at Badwater.
So went there with quite a few things on my mind (not of least the free post run beer :-)).
With the race now on a Saturday the plan had been to drive up after doing some work, but i was later than planned and by the time i hit Cunninghams Gap it was pitch black and for the life of me i couldn't find where the turn off to "Raleigh Park" was so i ended up staying in a cabin at Warwick.
In the morning it was cool and crisp but was very thankful for the latish start as that gave it a bit of time to warm up.
The course was the same 6.2K's as last year (i'd originally thought it was 6.5 but apparently there were modifications both times) and i was looking forward to being back out there.
Quite a few familiar faces and i decided the best option was to go hard from the offset and try to burn them off after a lap or so, probably not the smartest thing to do as at least 3 of us went around in 30 minutes or so and i knew i couldn't keep that up so eased back.
Next few laps went nicely but i seemed flat and by lap 7 was struggling i'd worked out i was in third place (and after being lapped by the eventual winner) knew that was as good as it was going to get, just a case of hanging in.
Sounds easy but by lap 9 i was actually cramping up on the steep hill in the back half and actually went backwards to make my way back, not really sure why i was cramping had had plenty of fluids as well as GU and S! Caps. Just got through the 9th lap before the 6 Hour Cutoff and knew that at least i could equal last years distance, used a stick to get me up that last hill (as worried by the cramping) and finally made it in 6:36:10 around half an hour slower than last year and a lap behind the winner, still that would have to do.
A few beers and all was forgotten, ended up sleeping indoors in the sleeping bag and the next day helping to put down the tarpaulins etc, felt like i was the circus leaving town !!.
Having won the spot prize of a start next year know where i'll be in 2011, just hope i'm in better shape for it, because not only is it a unique event on our calendar but also one of the most enjoyable, only wish for the sake of the great organisers that more were in it.
Sooner or later i'll make it back there for a training run !!

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