Saturday, 7 January 2012

A quick summary of 2011

A long time between updates but with a new year upon us thought i should at least update the year 2011. 1,770 K's of races in 31 races including 23 Ultras and 2 Marathons and 2 wins, so pretty solid but nothing too spectacular, details here:
At this moment not quite sure of my plans, i know i have a trip to South Africa for the Comrades Marathon (89KM) but am still vaguely thinking about other international runs as well.
For the first time for a few years i am working virtually full time, as a meter reader, this means i spend 7 and a half hours a day walking between buildings reading meters with a little computer to record the readings, in all honesty that means i tend to not do a training run on days i'm working as i feel work is enough, maybe this will help me with multi day races as well, only time will tell.
As for this blog, i'm not promising more frequent updates, but i'd like to think i will do some race reports, we'll see !

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