Monday, 28 April 2008

The Cold wins by knockout

After a week of recovery from my cold, thought i was finally ready for a run, had a good walk along the beach on ANZAC Day (after the beachfront service at Currumbin's Elephant Rock) and by Sunday was dying to get back on the road.
Was awake too late to run down the the Gold Coast Runners, so took it easy and finally headed off at 10, beautiful morning and looked as though it could have been warmer than usual so ideal for a solid hitout.
Best summed up this way, ran nicely for the first 22K's and then just hit the wall, by the time i'd hit the Tally Valley Connection Rd / Trees Road intesection my body had just had it and possibly stupidly i decided i'd head off to the flat of Kornhauser Park and then see how i was after walking up the back trails to Westminster Blvd (pretty much my reverse standard run), basically just got worse and was very appreciative of walking slowly up the trails. Was hoping that the downhills of Westminster and Cornwall would have got me moving but instead struggled and really didn't the enjoy last stretch up to Simpsons Rd.
Even the rolling downhill run of Simpsons didn't inspire and by the time i'd reached the bottom of the hill was really battling to walk, so it was a very tough last 2 K's. Pretty much staggered in the front door and grabbed a bottle of Solo out of the fridge and collapsed into my recliner, definitely not feeling well and just needing to lie down. And that was me for the next hour, a litre of Solo and two donuts and i felt a little more human or at least enough to head off to the shower.
Still can't explain why i was that bad but i'd guess the cold had knocked me about, also worth noting that i'd been 67KG during the week and after this run i was down to 64.7KG quite possibly i was dehydrated certainly not good.
Decided easiest way to put a bit of weight on quick was beer, and remembering very good local blues band Mason Rack were on at the local SLSC decided that was the place to be.
Apparently the Club had managed to double book so instead we had a solo performer Mark Divola, but considering i could hear him singing "Honky Tonk Women" thought it was at least worthwhile to pop in and have that beer or two. Great show, lots of familiar songs (including Satisfaction) as well as a few songs from his mate Roscoe with "The band played Waltzing Matilda" being a very appropriate performance at this time of year.
Back in time to hear the last of the Richmond match (unfortunately no Fox Sports 1 there to watch it live) and i was at least feeling better, only shows i'm not indestructible and i think that the 100Ks at the Prom on Saturday is not a good idea, better saving myself for Grafton to Coffs the week after.

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Jaykay said...

Kelvin, please look after yourself.

You of all people should know more about dehydration and it's effects than us mere mortals!!