Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Somewhat better

After Sunday's performance and the fact that i was still stuffed the next couple of days (and still had that cold to some degree), i'd waited eagerly to do at least one longish run this week, just to see whether Sunday was just one of those days or whether i did have a few problems with a hard May, June, July & August ahead of me running wise. So with half a day available this arvo went out and ran north, got bit of a feeling for the Australian 100K Championships in June (still convinced the new 4 lap format will bore me to tears by race end) doing most of the course although i did take the North Burleigh Hill (the old course) simply to get a bit of hill work.
Great day for a run along the beach and then back through Broadbeach and ultimately following the Bermuda St Bike Path. Quite happy ultimately 3:02 of running and did just over 32K's and still felt good and fresh, all i needed was a litre of mixed cordial when i got in and i was fine, possibly i should have booked that flight for Wilsons Prom this weekend ??.
In short, seem to be back to where i was, the cold still lingers but no effect on me today and felt like i could have gone much further (and faster).

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