Sunday, 21 September 2008

Finally a run and Blues in my backyard - that should happen more often

I'd be honest and say there really hasn't been much running this week, was still sore from Glasshouse, and mentally just seemed to struggle to get back into normal life (well as normal as my life gets :-) ), was finding it hard just to relate to the usual stuff after simply being on the road so long. So had been happy to just take it easy knowing that sooner or later i'd be my usual self. Come Friday, decided i'd head south to Mount Warning, one of my "special" places in Australia, i can't really claim to be that religious but it is one place i just go to recharge (damn i'm sounding like some treehugging hippy must have spent too much time in California !!), dodgy day weatherwise and spent alot of time going up the steel chains (the last bit to the peak) wondering whether i'd end up in a dangerous lightning strike situation (wasn't looking for that sort of recharge !!).
I think my mind was in a better place when i returned and was lucky enough to be back in Murwillambah just in time for the "Speed on Tweed" evening Grand Parade, classic cars from Formula Racing Cars, to MG's, Bathurst Toranas and Ford GT's to
Ferraris and 60's Mustangs.
Come Sunday it was time for my running comeback so ran down the road to the Gold Coast Runners Club for their 6:30 morning run, big day today as they had runners from Twin Towns as guests. Had a good run and did a bit of extra distance with one of the Twin Town Runners looking to step up to a marathon. About 12K's as well as the 7 odd K's to get there and was enjoying the sunny day. Breakfast at the clubrooms so ended up having bacon, eggs and sausages as well. Actually ended up only running to Burleigh Heads as i ended up joining some others for a cuppa there and stiffening up decided i'd earnt a lift home !!.
Interestingly was having a shower at home and heard some good music, seemingly live, i had no idea the monthly concerts at Laguna Lake (my backyard or more technically my side yard) were back on. So wandered out and found "Blind Lemon" playing, had them a number of times at Blues at Broadbeach so dragged out the banana lounge and a couple of beers and enjoyed some good blues, what more could i want !!!.

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Jaykay said...

If I'd known there was a running group hapening yesterday, I'd have come down and done my recovery run with you. Instead I made it a rest day! Fantastic weather yesterday.