Saturday, 27 September 2008

When not running, rocking !

A couple of long runs this week proved to me that my back problems still aren't quite sorted so it was back to the chiro again (i've taken to calling my problem LA-Freeway neck, i'm quite sure that's where the problem began !!).
So instead it was a gig at Seagulls, just over the border, by a group calling themselves the Masters of Rock, a band playing 5 Tribute sets, AC/DC, Guns'N'Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Deep Purple.
A few technical difficulties at first as there was an electricity problem (parking in the car park was like driving into a black hole !), but soon the gig was underway and a great Led Zeppelin set, only 5 or so songs but by the end the audience was up with swaying cigarette lighters for "Stairway to Heaven", just when i was really getting into it (and the main performers were uncannily like Page and Plant) it was over and a short break before "The Doors".
I'd seen the Doors of the 21st Century (which had two original members but of course not Jim Morrison) back in 2005 as well as a number of tribute bands, but this fellow was Jim reincarnated, there was a bit of poetry, ocassional shambolic ramblings (swigs from a bottle of Jim Beam - i'd hope it wasn't the real stuff !) and sublime music. "Road House Blues", "Riders on the Storm", "Light My Fire", LA Woman and others just brilliant as the lead singer just did what great lead singers do best. Had to laugh the way they finished the set as his roadie dragged him off stage as he attempted to expose himself (as per the real Morrison in Miami 1969 in an incident that was a beginning of the end for the band).
Next was their Guns'N'Roses show, it took me back to February 1993 Calder Park, but was way closer to all the action than back then !!. Starting with "Sweet Child Of Mine" followed by "Paradise City" and then "Patience" certainly had the audience up on their feet as well as arms raised and we then had "Axl" madly running through the audience, really good show (though i'd have loved "November Rain") and then a real 15 minute break (after all there are only 7 performers in the group and some had been involved in all three acts).
Next was Deep Purple, i won't claim to know their music as well as the other 4, but ultimately once they got into "Smoke on the Water" we did have a crazy dancefloor.
By elimination the next act had to be AC/DC and in short they didn't disappoint, to me this was meant to be them late 70's with Bon Scott and the Young Brothers at their peak, starting with "jailbreak" followed by "High Voltage" and then more classics with their "Angus" running amok amongst the audience, honestly they mighn't have been the real thing but live music doesn't get much better than this. After his return to the stage it was "Shook me all night long" (a song i've heard Shari do an incredible version of so feel priviliged to have heard two great versions this year, now all i need is an AC/DC tour !), and as an encore (with "Angus" on the speaker stacks) the remaining members out doing "Long way to the top", we had Jim Morrison and Ian Gillam joining in on vocals absolute blast.
Normally i wouldn't do such a long review of a Tribute Band but really this was way beyond my expectations and certainly a band worth going to see.
I could continue this weekend in the same vein on Sunday with the local Tribute Festival (they are actually playing two spots as well as the Rolling Stones Experience doing the Stones again), but i can't always live in the past and 10 Hours of tribute bands (in an alcohol free environment! - i understand the logic but frankly booze and music festivals are synonomous)sounds like a good reason for enjoying the sun and getting a good run in (back permitting).
Anyway Grand Final Time - Carn'a Vic Team !!!

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