Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Just thankful i'm not a racehorse.

Think the title sums up todays blog post nicely, as mentioned in my last post (when not raving musically ), my back seems to have been on a downward spiral ever since Death Valley and whilst i can run a nice gentle 10K's or so with no problems give me my usual 3 hours 20+ miles and i'm really struggling towards the end. At the moment i'm seeing the chiro twice a week, can't explain the problem exactly in simple terms i get my "LA Freeway Neck" (that's destined to be my title for it till i can think of something better - basically i run fine and then the neck weakens as though i'm turning it around to look over my should at 5 lanes of traffic and it just sticks i'm sure that was where it happened the first time), and from then on i run with a bad form which of course means the rest of my body overcompensates for this problem.
Worst thing is this doesn't happen for the first 90 minutes or so (that's my guess not wearing a watch) and by then i'm starting to look at heading homewards so it means that return trip (or choice of having a lie down in a gutter as i tend to be away from civilization out in Tally Valley) is not a helluva lot of fun.
Today i thought it was time to head back on the Syndicate Road/Trees Road Course as i thought i'd better get in some good uphill and downhill work in preparation for Sunday's Tamborine Trek. Did a slightly long loop to Tally Creek Rd and was quite happy with my uphills on Syndicate Road thought maybe this time the body was right (i'd been to the chiro yesterday and he'd offered me a pre race freebie on Friday) and was thoroughly enjoying the Trees Road downhill (almost as steep as Mystery Road but shorter) but got to one of the uphills and not only the neck but the sciatic nerve began to give me grief. Once i hit Schusters Park i tought i'd better stay on the flat for the trip home but was again feeling good by 19th Ave so headed up Avocado St not a great idea. Sciatic nerve, back, neck you name it, even my right knee (diagonally opposite where the neck problem kicks in so i guess it makes sense) did not want to be out there, very happy to see the front door.
Certainly not confidence building with Tamborine this Sunday and then Melbourne Marathon the next but frankly these are probably the two runs i will run forever until either me or them no longer exist. As i type thankfully a couple of painkillers are taking effect (i don't normally wash them down with a couple of nips of Bundy but this was one of those times where quick relief is more vital than what is medically sound practice).
Have to wonder just what i will be running for the rest of the year, certainly got plans but days like this i have thoughts of a repeat of last years remaining 3 months when my body just wasn't willing to support my ambitions. Just thankful i'm not a racehorse or i think they'd be making plans for the glue factory rather than a return to racing !!!

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Tesso said...

A horse walks into a bar. The barman says "why the long face" :)