Saturday, 29 December 2007

Beach is closed so i'd better go for a run

Not much solid training since Kurrawa, with the knee sore but the physio saying it was structurally sound, i'd decided i had better start taking glucosamine tablets again (whether they work or not is debatable but i have found in the past a few weeks of them appears to make my body less susceptible to niggles).
So for the most part have been doing just 10K or so walks usually along the beach etc and taking it relatively easy especially as storms have a habit of just rolling in suddenly more like Cairns than the Gold Coast at the moment.
One big run last weekend but unfortunately my local knowledge let me down, having circled around the Tweed towards Cobaki and expecting to find my way back along the old dirt Cobaki Rd pretty much straight across from Tugun, only problem it was years since i'd been along there and new roadworks meant this road was now stopped by the Tugun Bypass (or more precisely the 10 foot wire fence surrounding it), ended up a very long run back particularly with a downpour around Kennedy Drive and all the way back to Tweed Heads (and shelter of shops).
Had wanted to do the Mount Nebo "Fatass" run i'd done the previous two years, but woke at 2:30 to find it was still raining, and as i had breakfast ot got heavier, the thought of driving over an hour in it was enough let alone running in that sort of rain so went back to bed.
Had plans to do the Two Bays 50KM on Sunday but unable to book a $79 flight with Tiger Airways discovered it was now $150 dearer (probably explains why i couldn't get it to work last night), so decided i'd go for a swim and then head off for a run.
Was surprised to find the beach closed, last night they had warned of severe tides with worse to come on Sunday, but didn't really think about it.
Wandered a little further down the beach and had a bit of a swim, certainly the waves were rough and quite a decent undertow not the sort of day for playing around in the surf for too long, back in time for another downpour !!, didn't really matter as i was wet already.
Above is my 28K run, once the rain finished the weather cleared and even the humidity went was rapt to be able to run 2 hours 45 minutes without needing to find a drink much better than the humidity. Ended up a little lost in Schusters Park and had to pretty much do a lap to get out but the rest was all areas i'd seen grow up over the years (can remember running along the Currumbin Valley Road years ago and not seeing a vehicle nowadays it's more like a highway which is a bit hairy on sharp bends).
No knee problems, and the body seemed in decent shape, not overly fast but most of Schusters Park was long grass and the Currumbin and Tallebudgera Backroads don't lend themselves to moving fast especially on the hilly sections so overall pretty happy.
See what tomorrow brings weather wise might be a good day to head up to Binna Burra and do some trail K's.

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