Sunday, 2 December 2007

Maybe more than a glitch ????

Woke up at 4:30 this morning (noisy lorikeets !), and was considering running to the GC Road Runners at Burleigh but a heavy downfall of rain put paid to that, so eventually drove there when the weather cleared. Heaps of familiar faces (after all many were in preparation for the Kurrawa 50K next week), had a good run along the beachfront (and up the North Burleigh Hill) to Mermaid Beach SLSC. Me and Browny ???, ended up running the furthest and he turned off back home just before the hill so ran the last part solo.
I even managed to run past the turn off, and instead turned off at 1st Ave so ended up with a little more distance, strangely that little bit of distance was enough to make a difference again left shoulder problems !!!.
Somehow i think this may be the end of my C2K 2007 ambitions (and also Badwater 2008 chances of qualification), but will give it one red hot shot tomorrow (if i end up broken down running Kurrawa so be it ).


Virtual said...

how did you do at Kurrawa?

An Aussie running across France said...

Virtual, Both Kurrawa and C2K are the same weekend, looks realistically it's Kurrawa now for me (believe me i now know every inch of that course :-))