Monday, 3 December 2007

D Day

After yesterdays run i went for a 2 hour walk in the evening as i realised the last half of Coast to Kosi would involve a lot of walking so i thought i'd better see how i stood. Whilst i did some reasonable hills (Currumbin Ridge & O'Farrell's Lookout) mostly stayed to the estuary and wasn't happy to find that the right knee was causing me pain again. Had spoken to a couple of C2K competitors that afternoon and had almost convinced myself i would be a starter (particularly with Tiger Airs cheap fares). So it all came down to today. The idea was to run the flat way over the border and then simply run up and down as many hills as i could around Bilambil Heights and South Tweed before heading back, after 1 final steep hill, along the beach path. No shoulder problems but found that the knee was giving pain on some of the downhills. Having run around midday certainly worked up a sweat, and was thankful i'd stopped running with a t shirt a week ago, and had really got the adrenalin pumping in my 2 hours of hard running. Was convinced my previous 2 days shoulder problems were back related but couldn't see the chiro until tomorrow but needed to make a decision today so wandered off into my ice bath (after my problems of Saturday i had soaked in a Radox bath and not wishing to waste water had kept it and had found it to be ideal recovery yesterday) and contemplated my decision. Still feeling the knee as i headed up the back to hang my running shorts and socks decided i had too many niggling and the only sensible thing to do was pull the pin on C2K and do Kurrawa 50K. Frankly i'm not used to being sensible (and with regards to my running never wish to be) and come tomorrow (and even moreso on Friday) may regret my decision, but i suppose also i look forward to my 9th Kurrawa more acclimatized than ever and also anxious to be actually racing for the first time in 6 weeks, so maybe i'm a chance for my 3rd win there ??

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Tesso said...

Shame about C2K. But after all those tough runs you sure will be in good shape for a great run at Kurrawa.

See ya there!