Saturday, 1 December 2007

3 steps forward and 1 back

The last 3 days had been spent doing good hard runs of just over 2 hours all with some sharp hills and going a little further every day. After Thursdays run which was about 5Ks longer than the previous day but only 15 minutes longer i was feeling full of beans and now thinking Coast to Kosi was a real possibity. Maybe i'd got a bit carried away on Thursday (i'd even run the whole Teemagum St hill just before i finished) as i awoke on Friday very flat. Decided to do my run a little later than usual so set out in the heat of the day at 1. As i knew i was a bit flat i deliberately avoided the hills as i headed interstate. By the time i had hit the lakes of South Tweed i seemed to have recovered enough to take on the hill heading out of Point Danger (the Kurrawa 50k turnaround) and finished off quite decently content with another solid 2 hours. Today i really wanted 3 hours of running so i thought i should take in some of the tracks behind Fleays Sanctuary at the back of Burleigh. By the time i'd hit Mermaid Beach thought i'd done enough to turn back but by the time i'd made it to the Burleigh Heads shops i simply hit the wall. Ended up doing a lap walk of the shops (not as though i had any money with me) as a resting measure and then took off again but my body wasn't having it. Strangely most of my pain was the left shoulder but it was enough to make me only walk all the 8k's home. I was so stuffed i actually lay down a few minutes on the nature strip before attempting my assault on the driveway and up to the front door!. In all i was out 4:15 at least half of that on the involuntary walk back. Looks like i'd better drive to the Road Runners tomorrow at Burleigh Waters and see how i handle a shorter distance at group. Just hoping today was a one-off glitch !

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