Thursday, 6 December 2007

Maybe the sickest Ultrarunner ?

Maybe i had pushed myself a little too hard in my attempts to get fit for Coast to Kosi or maybe my body is just falling to pieces ?. Come Tuesday and i wake with a rotten sore throat so i resist the urge to run. As the week goes on i get progressively worse (as i type this - Thursday in bed on phone - simply feel like death warmed up). At least there are a few days to Sundays 50K, but i must be going for some record for number of colds in a 6 month period with this being my 7th since the first week of June. I've always found there is a fine line between being at peak fitness and tumbling over the precipice to being sick but i seem to have outdone myself this year. Not sure of the reasons, for the most part i've been eating fairly healthily as usual (granted i have been drinking too much alot of that time), but i'm way less stressed (was until actually moving which is always stressful) than i've been for years. Can't comment on my weight as i'd always believed my bathroom scales 65 to 68 kgs the last 25 years but accurate scales in Germany found me between 68 and 71 over the course of my race and my ones at home appear to have died after 30 years as they show me at about 58 !. Feel a bit too philosophical as i sit here typing, feeling sh*t, as i look back on the year a few highs (runningwise: Deutschlandlauf - second half performance, 7th Tamborine Trek win, Great Ocean Road Marathon PB, Caboolture 12 Hour PB) and numerous lows (Western States Dnf, blowing up the last 12K's of the Australian 100Km, falls at Six Foot Track & Melbourne Marathon, wrong turn at Walhalla, the last half of Brindabella, "hitting the wall" 3 times at the Prom and finally the sub 100 mile effort in my first running 24 hours). Mightn't quite make it my "annus horribilis" (hope i got that bit of latin correct :O) with regards to running but it would come close (1989 year of the broken jaw springs to mind). On a more personal level it would go down as a much better one, although having not seen even one live Stones concert this year it could have been better (and that's not to knock the great gigs i did see or the people i met at them 8-)). One more blog post for me, the Kurrawa race report, then i think i can have a holiday and put this blog to bed until 2008 when hopefully i can have some new Ultra adventures.

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