Thursday, 14 February 2008

Freshened up for Maroondah Dam

Had been flat for the first couple of days after the 12 Hour race, so was taking it easy but decided today with relatively cool (and finally not wet !!) conditions was an ideal one for an easy 10 miles or so.
Last thing i wanted to do was like last week bash myself about today and be flat heading into a race. With the threat of rain everpresent the track over Burleigh Heads wasn't as busy as usual (also meant i saw more animal life including a 4 foot long Goanna), and the Burleigh beachfront was lacking the usual "pretty" runners, decided for a change to go to the top of North Burleigh (to the lookout above the other lookouts) and down via the stairs (still hate to think what it'll be like doing the other stairs there 8 times on the new Gold Coast 100 Course in June).
Took it pretty easily but was content to do only 6 minute K pace pretty much the whole way meaning i hardly even worked up a sweat and felt real good so hopefully this translates to a good run at Maroondah Dam.
On another note, looks like i will find out sometime in the next couple of days whether i get a start in Badwater (Feb 15 US Time), as long as i get an answer of some sort i'd love to be put out of my misery so that i can plan my year ahead, preferably before i head off to Phuket !.

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