Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Urban Trails - just as hard as bush ones !!!

After a couple of easy days brought about by soreness (mainly the back) and heavy rain, thought i'd better pull the finger out and do a decent hitout, but wanted some hills and also to be close to home as again there were many thick black clouds.
So it was off to do one of the trails i'd discovered many years back, which nowadays is partly being used for access to the Tugun Bypass Roadworks, so the actual starting road is now in better nick than previous. Once off the gravel road it's a track (still gravel) to the top frankly so hard i walked the last few metres every time followed by downhill and then up through long grass and then turning just before the Highway (the cyclone fence between us meant i wasn't going to fly onto the highway by accident) and then downhill and another uphill grass stretch back to the start. Ten reps and i was just a mass of sweat, had a feeling i could run back without doing a couple of sharp hills home so actually did another run on the gravel road and continued rather than turning up, unfortunately that now leads straight into the roadworks so had another run back up and then reverse along the gravel road ultimately leading back into Tooloona St.
Totally exhausted (little worrying considering it was only 12.2K's of reps and approx 4K's of running getting there and back spread over 1 hour 40 minutes), but rapt with the intensity and have the feeling it was probably better for me than a much longer flat run with less intensity, reckon i really sweated out that 4th glass of red from last night (note to self really should stop at 3).
No Piriformis pain, no knee pain, no back pain, looks as though i'd better front up at Caboolture on Saturday night and do the 12 Hours, certainly feel like i'm in better shape now that i've had races (or at least really long runs) the last few weekends think i'm capable of much better than i've shown recently.
So it's Caboolture followed by Maroondah Dam and then a break (i'll be sweating on a dancefloor some of that break - not bad training !) before the Six Foot Track where finally i want to start relatively fresh and capable of giving 4 Hours a good shake.

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Jaykay said...

You WANTED to do hills??? (shakes head in disbelief!!)