Sunday, 24 February 2008

Well there was a run at 3 This morning :-)

Well i did say i'd do an update of the second night, but i think it may have to wait a little as i've spent a fair proportion of today (well the part of been awake) trying to find my mobile phone and also contacting my service provider etc, i'll say not much more than that except to say that when the last performer (Shari absolutely blowing us all away with a one hour set - but on the downside it could be said i did blush inwardly a couple of times as i was pointed out to the audience !!!), left the stage absolutely no one wanted to call it a night and there was till free beer to consume. Eventually a couple of us did go for a run around the complex and somewhere along the way my phone popped out of a pocket (had a couple of great pics especially for the blog too !), initially i thought this happened where we both fell (a couple of bits of parkland had become very wornout with the crowd and were a virtual sandpit - actually the same as the front row had become by the end) but no luck and at that time of morning of course it was too dark even with a helping hand from security and others.
When i eventually arose (not wishing to incriminate myself i'll say it was just before breakfast shut down - pretty much got the left overs !), went for a walk around and still couldn't spot it.
Anyway have done all that is necessary, so life goes on, get the feeling i'll be very stiff and sore at the Jam at Saxophone tonight as i fell fairly heavily on my shoulder and grazed my elbow (and worse still lost that race - long story !!!).
Anyway i think a couple of recovery days are in order and at some point i'll do that update or cheat and use the Phuket Gazette report (or someone elses maybe).

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