Thursday, 7 February 2008

Reduced to walking hills

After yesterdays hill session i was determined to just do a long run today with maybe some steep hills, headed towards Kitchener Road and thought best option was to head into the Tugun Hills, proably not my smartest idea as ultimately the hills brought me back to Taperell Drive where my session started yesterday.
Having done a couple of very steep hills already thought it was a good idea to do a couple of laps of that session, but frankly it knocked me about so much that two was going to be it, got some rhythm back on the bike path and then across flat Currumbin, but then decided i was now fresh and headed up Crest Ave, talk about fatal mistake, very steep and i was reduced to a walk although enjoyed the run down the other side. By Currumbin Creek Road felt like i just needed something flat so followed the bikepath to Galleon Way, a really good street for sweeping ups and downs, for one of the few times ever i was actually feeling thirsty half way along so found a tap at the park (wading through flooded fields to get there !), i'd certainly been sweating heavily, shorts and socks soaked, by the time i reached Guineas Creek Rd was feeling that i still needed a bit more distance so headed up towards Doubleview Drive (another super steep haul), simply was unable to run but was a good chance to practice my uphill walking when exhausted.
Hit the top and thoroughly enjoyed the downhill, but was struggling once i got along 19th Ave and again needed water (tap at the old "Jack The Slashers" Shopping centre), up over the freeway and then cut in through to Palmie, a few hills but flat once i hit Mallawa Dve.
Once over Currumbin Creek thought i'd better head seawards as i was hanging out for a dip, but wanting to cut the run a little short thought i'd do "Mount Woodgee" (actually Woodgee St but more like a mountain at this point), which meant another uphill walk (running wasn't an option) and then a downhill run.
Finally hit the beach, first a drink under the beach shower as well as a good minute or so there and then a dip - absolute heaven, tide on it's way in and big waves thoroughly enjoyed being tossed about in the surf.
Had a look at the net later and it looked as though it had been 28 degrees the whole time i'd been out, not sure if that explains why it seemed so hard today, but definitely a rest day (or at least easy along the beach at evening or similar tomorrow) if i want a decent 12 hours.
Considering the incredible amount of rain we had last evening (showing only 25.6 MM's at Coolangatta a bit hard to believe), have to wonder what sort of weather to expect for 12 Hours.

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