Friday, 1 February 2008

Hell Reps

Having spent most of Thursday worrying about my knee, as it was causing pain, thought today i had better go out and really push it, so did the above course, very steep uphill on roads and then a street with very steep uphills and downhills followed by one last downhill before an even steeper downhill and then down to flat Durran St (couldn't get too far away from home as mobile is still coming COD !!!).
Believe me 10 of those reps and i was struggling to remember i had a knee at all the body was simply a mass of sweat (and the bandage had sweated off), still no mail but beyond worrying by the time i had finished.
Reckon i should be right for Mt Glorious, but tonight it's yet another Stones tribute band so got to make sure i don't go too silly on the dance floor, have to see whether this one is worth any sort of report !!!

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