Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A quick update

Finished Three Peaks at 7:25AM this morning, so at the time of this post (1PM) very tired and possibly not overly sober (and more worryingly the official post race drinks tonight !!), so a quick update (my Coolrunning report):

What a great race, despite proving that these old ultra runners size 13 feet really aren't suited to running trails in the dark, we made it in by 7:30 AM (some people would say that's a bit early for beer and Captain Morgan Rum evidently i'm not one of them so don't expect any more posts today).
In short, Flinders Island (Mt Strezlecki) was a great run to do in daylight (having done most in the dark before), struggled about in the actual ascent of the peak but give me 20 odd K's of road back to the boat and i was in my element, eventually finished in 7:05 (at around 8PM ??).
Long trip with unhelpful winds to Freycinet, unfortunately meant we go there at dusk on Sunday and frankly i struggled in the cold, dark conditions (with an absolute b*tch of a track to the summit), ended up with 6:40 ??, reckon night cost us an hour but still not happy with my performance and very happy that my partner, Clarence Blake, was pure mountain goat on those steep, narrow, rocky trails.
Absolutely brilliant nights sleep at least as we did 20 nautical miles in 12 hours !!, did at least give us a chance to enjoy the dolphins and seals playing around (possibly worried my running partner when sitting on deck having pizza and beer after getting up at midday).
Finally arrived in Hobart at 4AM and possibly the worst visibility i have ever seen on the summit of Wellington, fog and rain meant i had the headlight focussed on my feet (as that was all i could see) but eventually did a relatively easy 3:05.
No idea of full results and may struggle to remember them by the time tonights do is over.
I can't thank Drew Murray (noted for being captain for Steve Irwin's "Croc One") and his crew on www.MagicMiles.com.au (for this race renamed "Nude Wines" - our sponsor) enough for the great experience we all had (and Toni must be the best ship's cook ever - great food and all whenever it was needed) and as for Clarence i'll forever be in his debt as he organised everything and really showed just how to run trails in the dark.
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