Thursday, 6 March 2008

Off to the Six Foot Track Marathon

Always a bit edgy pre race, particularly a race that is one of my "Goal" Races for the year, so finally decided i'd do a nice easy 90 minute run this morning.
Original plan was to run yesterday evening but heavy rain deterred me (yeah i'm getting soft) so it was a nice solid, but not too hard, run a couple of hills including my nemesis "Mt Woodgee" which i was glad to take easily.
Proved to myself i hadn't lost fitness in Phuket (believe me that's been at the back of my mind, sure i'd done some decent runs most mornings and even had got good exercise simply "being a tourist" but i know late nights and lots of booze are capable sometimes of bringing me unstuck), so i'm still predicting a sub 4:20 on Saturday (now it's out on cyberspace i guess i've got no excuses).
Have been trying to download some "happy snaps" from the trip but unfortunately i've got the same problem i had over there and i can't recharge the camera unless i actually hold the cable (not sure if i've managed to break the cable or whether its something to do with the stupid three part recharge connection), so we'll all have to wait, so for the moment i'll make do with this one with Shari at the "warmup gig" at Taipan (yes i do stand out as an Aussie tourist with that very loud T Shirt :-), that would explain why all the street vendors always greeted me with "Gidday Mate" as they tried to sell me everything under the sun !!).
Anyway it's time for me to hit the road now, so next blog update will be Monday after Six Foot Track (


Tesso said...

Good luck on Saturday Kel!!!!

Ian said...

Good luck Kelvin at SixFoot.