Monday, 17 March 2008

Better go out and attack some hills

After yesterdays long, but boringly flat run i thought i'd better do a decent hill run today if i got a chance (after all next weekends Three Peaks is all about running three mountains !), so basically the above is my pre-dinner run ! (dinner cooks as i type, think i've earned the right to a beer to wash it down as well).
Not sure of the actual heights reached but would struggle to hit 200 metres however anyone who has ever been up Guineas Creek Road from the Pines Shopping Centre would only agree the trip to Simpsons Road is straight up and then Simpsons Road itself consists of rolling ups and downs. Obviously has a few problems with this route (i've tried to put in variations on this a number of times and this is the first time that gets it vaguely correct), even to the point that it shows Simpsons Road going though (definitely doesn't but always worth going to the end as it's a very steep downhill meaning a very steep, short uphill specially made for busting a gut). Probably one of the few routes where i especially look out for a couple of dead end streets, Evergreen Dve has great rolling hills as does the dead end end of Westminster Boulevard (the other end has a bush track that doesn't map well but ultimately makes it to Eddie Kornhauser Park giving me then a run back along roads (defintely better in the fading light).
For a change i did set the stopwatch before i left home and was happy to find a smidge over 5 minute K's (2:08 which considering the first half is essentially only hills shows i still came home with plenty of strength).
With any luck i'll be able to do a similar run (or shorter variation with the first 12K's) tomorrow evening as this appears to be ideal training for the next event and being pretty cool up here (19 degrees by my watch), ideal for my acclimatization to cooler Tassie (didn't even need a top to keep me warm).

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