Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back to normal (or as close as i get !!!)

Had a great last few days in Phuket, snorkelling, hiking after monkeys (Gibbons),climbing mountains and messing around in boats and then of course it was all over (what's more worrying is i had a closer look at the video i posted from youtube if you look closely around the 1:18 to 1:19 minute mark you can see me clearly in the audience - despite the look my head did not drop off :-)).
Didn't have a great flight back, would you believe that two of the planes i was on had "Medical Emergencies" meaning they had to take people off and then find their luggage, had the feeling i was never going to make it back !!!.
Thoroughly enjoyed the walk home after spending all that time in cramped plane seats but knew the first thing i had to do was get a new phone so it was off to Robina Town Centre (not a shopping centre person at all but knew there was a "Three" store there). Just made it before closing time and now i have a phone that still three days in is still a mystery (but at least i know how to ring numbers on it, that'll do for the time being !!!).
Finally got a run in this morning, had time to run to Burleigh Waters and just be in to catch the Gold Coast Roadrunners heading off, we did the lower Burleigh Heads Track and then along the beachfront and then GC Hwy to 19th Ave (had this feeling we were just about heading back home !), and then back via the "Rainforest Track" at quite a clip was quite happy with my uphill running.
From then it was beachfront and we were all so busy talking that we missed the turnoff almost making it to North Burleigh SLSC (at least it wasn't me navigating), back to the clubrooms for a drink of water and then i headed back over Burleigh Heads and home so in all 20 Odd K's ???, definitely not showing any effects from Phuket (or more specifically late nights and too much beer) and feel the rest from serious running may have done me good, i guess i'll know better after Saturdays Six Foot Track Marathon (
In the meantime just cursing the new phone, with no contacts saved from the old sim card every call is a surprise !!!
Happy Birthday to my mother who would have been 83 today, moments like these i do feel a bit like the "end of the line".

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