Sunday, 16 March 2008

Run to Paradise (Well, Surfers !)

Had a late run on Thursday (3 hours up the back of Elanora, sadly Mapmyrun didn't reckon some of the bits i did didn't exist - that'd be trails between houses - so i gave up trying to show it), certainly it was one of those runs where you get someone who says the Gold Coast is flat and show them this and watch them change there tune.
Sure not huge heights, but the cumulative effect once you get up beyond Guineas Creek Road and you feel like you've been doing Everest or something.
Brissie Coolrunning Drinks night at West End so i'd admit i was fairly worn out on arrival. Not many of us (compared to Christmas) but 4 hours flew past before i knew it (and although sticking mainly to light beer) had a nap in the car before heading home (actually 5 hours worth i was tired !).
Just an easy run along the beach Friday as i had a number of things to track down for next weekends Three Peaks Race in Tassie
had alot of camping store people look rather strangely at me when i was asking for a "polythene bag, heavy gauge or emergency space survival bag" obviously not a big call for them up the Coast and Tweed ??.
Saturday, just strolled down to the polling booth just in time for the heavens to open up on the way back (glad i'd mowed the night before), still had the search for that damned "survival bag" to continue so no run till i had it.
Still no luck at camping stores so just relaxed and listened to the Sheffield Shield Final (Carn'a Vics) as by now was a lovely sunny arvo.
Wasn't quite sure whether there was a Gold Coast Road Runners run this morning (calendar said no as there was a Sanctuary Cove 10K, but had a feeling that we were told 2 weeks ago it was on).
Well that map above proves it wasn't on, ended up doing 35K's all the way to Surfers Paradise and back (i admit i love the Coast but Surfers really isn't my sort of place so normally if i run long it's the other direction and the new areas of Bilambil Heights etc). Lots of runners out as well as an ironman race at Kurrawa, kept on having people to chase at least, avoided the North Burleigh Hill (Surely we can't do it 8 times at the Australian 100KM in June i've found it's always crowded and unrunnable whatever the time).
Had my first dip for the week at 3rd Avenue and i swear the water is a couple of degrees cooler than the week before (the weather appears to be playing more havoc with the beach, 2 metre high cliff and then neck deep water within 5 steps of the beach which is actually ideal with 35K's in the legs).
Still having problems trying to download pictures on camera, so pic above is the view from my balcony (with Laguna Lake in the background - would you believe as i type this we now have a band recital right there as i type, not sure "Unchained Melody" quite works with a brass band but still i don't often have a concert in my backyard !!!) taken with the mobile phone in attempt to see if the pics from it will be usable in Tassie (best thing is finally i worked out how to transfer from phone to pc so now have my music on the phone if i get desperate !).
Still tossing up whether to get rid of the 8 days worth of beard (an attempt to get used to more warmth for Badwater) certainly didn't feel it out there today but reckon i may need the "face fuzz" in cold Tassie (which at the moment is in the midst of a heatwave).
Have just spoken to my Three Peaks running partner Clarence and he's sorted out that Survival bag so one last thing to worry about and also spoke to Drew the captain of our boat Magic Miles so all is looking good, certainly looks much bigger and more comfortable than the last time i ran this race.
Flying to Launceston on Wednesday (got my date wrong on the cheap flight meant to leave Thursday but easier just to leave it), so quite possibly no blog update till after the race (this phone does have email but stuff all memory so even if i get 3G access on the Yacht i doubt i will be able to update after each race but will try !).
The top picture is our Yacht "Magic Miles" (Race Number 26 in the field of 28), was actually trying to put the pic here but finally gave up !!!.

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