Monday, 26 November 2007

Longer and harder

No the title of this post has nothing to do with "that" spam we all get, more a summing up of my training of late. A pretty heavy rainfall this morning set the mood for a very humid run which i began first by running up Tooloona St (very steep) and from then on i just kept on finding steep, hard roads, spent most of the 1 hours 56 minutes in a state of either lungbusting uphill running or very heavy breathing on sharp downhills certainly the last few days appear to have paid off.
No knee pains (until after when i was back home just seized up walking up the back to hang my running gear on the line !), and certainly my hardest running i've done since the Melbourne Marathon, at this rate if i keep up this intensity i'll either be as fit as ever in a few weeks time or have died in the process (not quite sure what any half decent running coach would make of my methods :-)).
Still looks like i'll be struggling to make it for Coast to Kosi (particularly now a potential crew member has pulled out :-(), but at this rate Eden to the top would be a nice easy low impact cruise compared to what i've been doing.
Two hours is definitely as far as i can go without a drink in this humidity (was totally stuffed when i couldn't run the last ten percent of either the Woodgee St & Teemagum St hills in the last couple of miles but have done them both often enough to know i have to be in really good shape to run either all the way let alone both with at least 100 minutes in the legs), so i polished off 1.5 litres of mixed cordial (same as the last two runs - always a good sign of a hard run), i suppose that means now i'm drinking more non alcoholic liquids in the course of a day than alcoholic (i'm not noted for drinking much water so just a couple of stubbies would normally put that ratio the other way !), another good sign.
Highlight of day (other than making it to the front door totally exhausted and virtually crawling upstairs !), had to be the sight of two dolphins at the lagoon coming off Currumbin Creek, lovely sight (and much more appreciated than the stingray i almost accidentally stood on the other day there).
Anyway rapt that i seem to be able to push myself really hard, only wish i could get mapmyrun to work on this pc so i would have a better idea of distance (roughly 20 odd K's in the 2 hours but considering the steepness much more like my usual).

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