Friday, 22 August 2014

Day 10 Spitting across Limousin

Woke up with the chest feeling quite congested even yesterday didn't quite feel the cold was gone and a night in a very cold gym didnt help not a good sign.walk to the start and we were off, was glad to see Hiroko next to me moving better she'd had hamstring problems. Moving reasonably but spitting alot and lots of walking as much uphill, was very cool at the start and had Nike jacket for the first tim threw it and gloves off at first aid station, moving with some of yesterday's people so knew I was okay. Was getting warmer so at the next threw off the bugf and sleeves was getting into more like race mode but still hard work with much walking was now between Ya-Fen and Christine, Christine would almost catch me on the ups and I'd get away on the downs. After 40k I lost sight of Ya-Fen and until the 50k aid was worried she'd taken a wrong turn, after that it waz worry about what would happen near the finish line as apparently the Tour of Limousin bike race would close the roads, ultimately was allowed through and with alot of walking in the steep last K got in 14th place in 7:21 just happy the day was done and a hot shower

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