Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 7 good for a long way then!!!

👋I'd thought long and hard over the night and with my smallest left toe rather sore decided being a short day I didn't have much to risk if I wore the slightly wider Hokas.
Beautiful countryside all vineyards and sunflowers and I was going nicely until the 41k mark at Loudon (swear it must be French for London as wet and miserable as soon as I got there !).
Anyway out of the fields and a steady drizzle on a relatively busy road and at 45k felt my back go, took it very gently onwards thankfully only around another 14k, certainly worrying, and I've had similar issues with the Hokas prior so they are going back in the "desperation box" 6:45 thankfully heaps of time to rest before the mayoral reception and seemingly local delicacy "pork cheeks"

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