Friday, 22 August 2014

Day 9, tired and almost alone

Didn't really have a good nights sleep and woke tired for what would be a testing 69km. Early on had really no go in me and just wanted to plod on, thankfully after a while I had Hung-Chang in front of me and that pushed me on a little, finally catching him on a downhill,knew there were two other runners around as I kept seeing their crew, I guess spurred me on. If I'm honest really didn't have any race kick in me today so was a little shockec with a mile or so to go saw the second lady Ya-Fen just in fron only problem most of that last section is uphill so I passed her then walked and then run again so happy to reach the top 13th in 8:14 by memory. Beer, an apricot and Mars bar such a great way to end. Downside k walk to the hall and showers with tepid water and squat toilets in a separate building I was beyond caring just wanted ti lie down

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