Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 8 that's better

Woke this morning and thankfully the back was fine,definitely back to the Asics Ds Trainers though, looked a lovely fay and was running nicely.
No idea whether Chattelerault is really a big town but hitting it 26k in was a massive shock to the system like Cbd in peak hour, so happy to get out of there. From then
on started picking up and feeling great as the weather warmed up. 5k to go only a splash'n'dash at the last aid station rather than my usual picnic as the youngest runner 20 year old Angel, already a Spartathlon and finisher here was right behind me. So essentially a 5k sprint he's got plenty of years left to beat me.
Finished in 6:54 dead for the 63k, very happy but of course tomorrow is another day! 4

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