Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 6 Short but fairly sweet

With this day only 53k wasn't really sure how to handle it, made stranger by the fact we had a k walk to the start for the real start and photos at the Chateau I once remember as the old finish line, at least gave me a chance to hear some new tales from Don Winkley.
Then we were off, lovely foggy morning with 3 beautiful bridges crossing the Loire, France's longest river. Then some climbs, many vineyards either side of the road and very pretty.
Once the fog burnt off it was getting warm and probably left it a little late to get my gloves, buff and sleeves off at 39k had suffered a little between aid stations to be honest, needed more fluid. Was now on the chase could see 5 runners in front but a group of 4 ran strong and i couldn't pick up, with a mile to go realised two were crew pacing their runners so I dug that bit deeper as we climbed into the town and round the bend ended up tenth in 5:44, took alot out that final sprint but all good, two smallest toes on left foot a little messy but I'm used to that as foot being smaller they really dont go into toe box, early finish means more time to rest though

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