Sunday, 1 July 2007

Big day at Mammoth

As you'd expect from a town called Mammoth Lakes everything about this town is big being at 7,554 feet (at least 200 metres higher than Mt Kosi) thought i was best to adjust to the altitude by wandering around the town and picking up some maps. After lunch decided to head up to Inyo National Forest where the ski resort is (at 8,909 feet), couldn't resist a walk starting at Minaret Vista (9,240 feet) the most incredible views (so many pictures from so many angles) and then virtually a vertical, windswept climb to Deadman Pass (not exactly a hopeful name!) and then onto the delightfully named 'Unnamed Peak' at 10,225 feet, well worth the effort but between my cold and the altitude one of the hardest 10K walks i've ever done, hard to believe it's possible to do by mountain bike. After returning to the start found a much easier track to the ski village (where i was dying to take a picture of the lifesize mammoth). Had a chat with the Ranger on the way (reckoned she had never heard of an Aussie up that high before), unfortunately i learnt i needed a different pass to my Yosemite one to get into other parts of Inyo. Finally back to my lodge surely tonight a good deep sleep awaits me (and with an overnight low of 40 ideal weather for it). Have to admit my blog is at the moment more for my sake (so i have a diary of where i've been and also match my photos), and am now only one day behind where i actually am (hard work typing via phone whilst watching 'Dodgeball' and cooking pasta while drinking a couple of Budweisers obviously both the cold and the trip are on the improve :-) )

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