Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Not the end - yet !

Since my return to Australia have been asked by a number of people whether that rather indecisive last post was the end. It was more the "watch this space" post, at the moment i'm unable to load pictures to flesh out my posts (and give an idea of what i was rambling on about), as simply the cable is in storage at Grace Brothers and rather expensive to get out :-(.
Since returning the house auction has been and gone, certainly that surpassed even my wildest dreams was very thankful i was there otherwise if i'd have been told those details over the phone i would have thought someone was having a lend of me.
This also means i have a definite settlement time meaning that if i want to do some more races overseas i can before resettling down to a normal suburban existence.
Guess that's the main reason for keeping this blog in action as if i head back overseas i should at least having something half interesting to record.
First inclination is to do Trans Gaule again, as soon as i finished last year i was convinced that with what i had learnt that if i did it again i could take %10 off my previous time. Certainly for the last few months it has been a very serious thought (probably moreso than Western States was for quite a while), particularly when i consider that the Rolling Stones European Tour will still be on the same time (unfortunately the timing of their French concert doesn't work however i've been in touch with some other fans i know in nearby destinations so yes a concert is part of my plan).
At present the Trans Gaule field is full, however i have been offered a spot as we'd had this discussion before so in theory this is all systems go.
But as i sit here with a calf strain (not sure if i didn't stretch enough before my 30K on Sunday or just simply the cold) and a cold (pretty simple it's been freezing in Melbourne since my return,21985,22093199-2862,00.html and i think the change from summer in the US to this has knocked further that evidently struggling immune system of mine - such is my level of fitness usually it's only a small step from ultra fit to sick, not often i step over that line but i think the last 5 weeks i really haven't quite recovered from the first time after the Gold Coast 100K), so am just delaying making that commitment (also simply have a few things i need to cross T's and dot I's with the sale before i leave).
The other inclination, and frankly only one i've had because i enjoyed the US so much and feel that just over 3 weeks there wasn't enough is to go back and do some races there.
I guess part of the thought process on that is that i'm still very peeved (i'm sure i could say something much stronger but i'm relatively calm as i type) that i'm shown on the Western States Website as being a drop as being late to cut off. Not happy with that at all, i'd been there for an hour and had been told by the doctor not to go further, personally find that listing as an insult, oops getting mad again !!!.
Anyway i've spoken to a number of race directors about races in the coming months, and these all are possibilities (with the proviso i give myself two weeks to acclimatise beforehand): Mt Disappointment 50 Miler August 11 as a lead up event for the Angeles Crest 100 Miler on September 15 (although at the moment am trying to sort the trail work required for this)
or the other option being Headlands Hundred 100 Miler August 11 (very tempting as put on by the same organisers as Angel Island and even better appears to be more low key just like the Aussie events i'm used to).
as well as a couple of other races (one thing about the US definitely not short of Ultra opportunities).
Basically my main criteria being that i'm back a couple of weeks before the Melbourne Marathon (Grand Final isn't an issue as Richmond isn't going to make it from 16th place !!), of course that makes fitting Stones concerts in an issue (i've already worked out where 3 of the US Stones Tribute bands that i know of are in that timespan but nothing beats the real thing and let's face it after 45 years you never know when the last time may truly be the last time so yes i'd still be trying to squeeze in at least on Stones gig). May even get around to see Shari perform again as her latest dates seem to fit in pretty well with my planned itinerary if i make it there.
So at the moment all is in a planning stage, but very likely this blog may continue for another couple of months assuming that my health improves.

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